Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - vehicles unveiled...

Threespeech reports:

We were filled with excitement here at Three Speech when we received the vehicle line-up for MotorStorm. But that's not all we've got - there's also a few multiplayer gameplay screenshots and the split-screen action is looking great.

hit the link to check 'em out

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cahill3658d ago

Best offroad racing game of all time

This one will set the SALES RECORDS on fire in october

wait for the reviews
M2 will be getting 9s and 10s across the board

micro_invader3658d ago

That first pic looks bloody incredible, the way the sun shines on the surface of the water, just wow.

MaximusPrime3658d ago

ever since uncharted, i beginning to adore water effect. cant wait to race alongside the waterfall in M2.

El_Colombiano3658d ago

The game looks AMAZING, but when its four player is it me or do the cars look bland? EIther way this game is third on my most anticipated this year. LBP>R2>MS2

Kleptic3658d ago

ha yeah...I thought it was only 2 player split screen...but obviously for 4, they have to dial everything back quite a bit...

single player though looks unmatched...

GVON3658d ago

this screen shows 12 cars in splitscreen

I have the demo and that only allows 9,nice one evo.

The graphics are looking really good now though.

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