NZGamer: Quantum of Solace: Hands On

NZGamer writes: "Horrible visions flood the minds of many gamers when the concept of "blockbuster movie to video game" is mentioned. Expecting that a game based off a movie is going to be crap has the same kind of likeliness of Matthew Mcconaughey taking his shirt off in the first 10 minutes of his latest crap film.

At the presentation you could almost feel the dread from the audience, all ready to put their greatest fears to good use when they started up the newest game in the Bond series. Quantum of Solace is the up-coming blockbuster sequel to Casino Royale – the rebirth of the James Bond franchise and still staring the rugged as guts Daniel Craig as the lead title role. Having a more ruthless 007 opened a lot of doors to a possible game spin-off and fans will be glad to hear that this title looks set to deliver the experience well on your console."

The Good: The chance to play as rugged as guts Daniel Craig

The Bad: No nudity (um… of the Bond girls)

The Ugly: Makes you want to buy a Nokia

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