Nioh to add free PvP mode after launch

Nioh will add a free player-versus-player mode shortly after launch, director Yosuke Hayashi told Gamereactor Espana. “We plan to offer a player-versus-player mode for free in the near future following launch,” Hayashi said. “There is also a season pass available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store that will add three large downloadable contents in short …

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execution17636d ago

Nice, may pick this up if my new job pays well

ChronoJoe634d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees. Nice to know some people hope you're on minimum wage, or something like that.

Kashima636d ago

lmao PC/PS3/Xbox one tags?

RAM0N 635d ago

Lol let them know about this game

AnotherProGamer635d ago

I typed in nioh on the tags and it came with all those platforms for some reason

DigitalRaptor635d ago

Yeah that happens sometimes.

You just need to check and remove them before you submit :)

nitus10634d ago

From what I can find NiOH is exclusive to the PS4.

opinionated634d ago

Damn. Every time I see a new article on this game it's good news. They are killing it! My hype *grabs heart*! I'm literally shaking like a trump protester!