IGN UK: PlayTV Final Judgement

IGN UK writes: "So, you've got your shiny PS3 and 60-foot mega-telly. That probably means you've also got some form of Freeview in your lounge/bedroom/multimedia toilet too. Let's be honest, with a set-up like that it's hard to imagine anyone who won't have access to the lavish blob of pixilation we loving call standard-def digital television. Obviously then, it's the 'R' aspect of Sony's PlayTV PVR we're all likely to be interested in. Still though, in the name of completism, here's IGN's final verdict on PlayTV, from practicality to implementation and everything in between.

Starting at the beginning, as is the norm, the actual PlayTV device isn't going to win any awards for beauty. It's a largely unlovable curved blob of cheap-feeling plastic, with a hole for your aerial cable and an LED which glows red when in use. Thankfully though, at roughly the size of large man's fist, it's fairly easy to tuck away, out of sight meaning it won't tarnish the splendour of your home cinema set-up. Well, that's not entirely true. You see, it's powered entirely via mini-USB, plugged directly into the front of your PS3. What that means is you're forced to have an unsightly wire trailing away to the underside of your TV cabinet which doesn't especially impress with its untidiness."

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