Molyneaux Doesn't Like Too Human

Always a vocal person, Peter Molyneaux recently talked about the games he is looking forward to this year, noting, in particular, Too Human, which he felt to be "slightly off", noting that he would have done things differently if he were in charge.

"It has some gems in there, but they're hard to find," he said. "I quite like the combat and felt it was accessible, but I just… If I got my hands on the game, I'd rip out a few of the things they did and just concentrate on the core."

"It just slightly forgot about what it was trying to be," Molyneaux continued. "In a way, it tried to be something it was not. It felt - and again, I thought it did some things really well - that there was something slightly off about it. I'm sure that Dennis Dyack is going to come and kill me now!"

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Jamie Foxx3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

states fable has some low spots, was honest about too human and just because he develops for the 360 doesnt stop him from appreciating other games nomatter the console like LBP,i hope fable 2 does well for him

consolewar3594d ago

you and your Sony brethren.

HighDefinition3594d ago

Peter Molyneaux and Peter Moore have been able to SHUT UP lately.

Jamie Foxx3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

your name and avatar says it all

ask your parents what hypocrite means

now little one go play in the open zone

lowcarb3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Well this guy seems to be the only developer I've seen thats actually put in an honest 2 cents. The thing about Too Human is the game is good but just like he said something is off and will hopefully be fixed if they plan on releasing a part 2 and 3. Console war is also right though and I too believe that Sony fanboys and there developers other then ted price should take note from this man.

AngryBot3594d ago

saying how the press werent being fair and how Too Human was a good game.

Now, one month and a half later. "Molyneux doesnt like Too Human" no more.

Flip flop. Flip flop. Flip flop.

Honest my ass. He is a flip flopper.

AAACE53594d ago

@Jamie Fox... I'm glad to see you have become an unbiased gamer, agree and bubble for you!

To the sony fanboys... How can you judge a game you have never played? I can understand you giving your opinion of why you don't like a game. But for someone to say a game sucked, when they never played it... I don't get it?

GarandShooter3594d ago

'How can you judge a game you have never played?'

Kind of reminds you of Haze and Lair, doesn't it?

Raf1k13594d ago

c'mon, anyone can change their opinion about anything

just because u like something to begin with doesnt mean you have to keep liking it and vice versa

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sack_boi3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Denis Dyck. He probably still thinks his game's perfect and that we (gamers) are the ones that don't get it. Which means Two Human 2 will be just as bad as the second since the guy doesn't take critics.

lnfinite3594d ago

A Flop Dev talking Trash about another Flop Dev

shutupandplay3594d ago

HAHAHA! Do a bit of research before talking out your ass. Do you even know these guy`s track records?

jack who3594d ago

shows how dumb you are calling Peter Molyneaux a flop dev...shame on u and all the dumb ass who agreed with u

AngryXbot3594d ago

Shows you how much he is flip flopping!

NewSchoolGamer3594d ago

i think that he knows the game sucked even though he had a good concept going.

But even knowing that it is hard to be excited about Too Human 2.

MiloGarret3593d ago

Those of us who actually played instead of just talking out of our asses are certainly looking forward to it.

zozol3594d ago

we Don't Like Peter the little liar ;)

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