GamesRadar Interview: Peter Molyneux opens up about Fable 2

GamesRadar writes: "We're really looking forward to a full play-through of Fable 2. Our experience with it so far suggests that after years of well-meaning hype and promises, Peter Molyneux may finally be about to deliver the undisputed classic he's always threatened. If the final game turns out to be as innovative, accessible and refreshingly different as we hope, it might well be a much-needed shot in the arm for an increasingly stale RPG scene.

We recently got the chance to talk to Molyneux about the game. Here's how the conversation went.

GamesRadar: The first thing that we noticed playing Fable 2 was the overall richness of texture and atmosphere of the game world. It's got a very individual feel.

Peter Molyneux: Someone said it to me today and it's really true; it's very European, and there aren't many games that I can think of that are set in a European world with a European ethos."

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