Nintendo Confirms Autumn Press Conference

Edge writes: "Nintendo will announce a number of new products at a fall 2008 press conference taking place early next month, according to reports.

The news comes from Nihon Securities Journal, translated by Kotaku, and pegs the date for the "Nintendo Conference Autumn 2008" as October 2.

The Nihon Securities Journal also says that Nintendo is planning to announce "new products" at the event."

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jeffaustin903740d ago

We can expect them to talk about Animal Crossing, GTA DS and pretty much everything else they talked about at E3, and maybe throw in some talk about the upcoming important 3rd party titles (Conduit, Madworld, Cursed Mountain).

GFahim3739d ago

starfox wii, f zero wii, punchout wii and kid icarus wii!

cahill3740d ago

Bring in Wii fit and other crappy Nintendo games