Sony, Designer David Jaffe Sued for Alleged God of War Copyright Infringement

Game Politics is reporting that Sony Computer Entertainment America and high-profile game designer David Jaffe have been sued in U.S. District Court in California for alleged copyright infringment involving the best-selling God of War series, GamePolitics has learned.

The suit was filed in late February by Jonathan Bissoon-Dath and Jennifer Barrette-Herzog, both of Davis, California. SCEA and Jaffe filed responses with the Court on August 29th.

In the complaint, Bissoon-Dath identifies himself as "the author of a series of related works of fiction, including Olympiad, a screenplay." Barrette-Herzog is described as the creator of Island at the Edge of the Living World, "a map that was submitted with Bissoon-Dath's work: The Adventures of Own: Owen's Olympic Adventure."

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cahill3618d ago

the momentum is on PS3's side now

WKS announcment , more LEVEL 5 announcements, Fall lineup with LBP

Nothing will stop the PS3 juggernaut

Kleptic3618d ago

obviously it will be an out of court settlement in which this dude gets some money...if anything...

I first though Sony was put a suit against Jaffe...which would have been a major deal...but this...isn't...

same thing when that lady tried to slap a lawsuit on New Line and the Wachowski (sp?) bros. for the original matrix, claiming she wrote the comic originally but went was never settled in court to my knowledge, but New Line claimed 'it had been dealt with'...was most likely true, and New Line just threw a wad of cash at her to shut up...thats all people in that situation really want go up against a major corporation in a case like this...and you matter who is right...take the cash pot, and let it alone...

IzKyD13313617d ago

Im sick of these idiots trying to sue big companies just because they can't make any money for themselves....both stories are based off Greek mythology, ofcourse their gonna have similarities (tthe similarities they mentioned are bullsh!t anyway)

Le-mo3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

When I first read the title I thought Sony was suing David Jaffe. Back on topic, this lawsuit won't go anywhere.

Rick Astley3618d ago

David Jaffe is a smart man. He'll get himself out of this before the day's over.

Relcom3618d ago

Your right Astley, he is half way to mexico right now. They will never catch David RUN!!

On topic this is probably Bollocks, Greek mythology is pretty popular. I'm sure their are similarities, doesn't mean its infrinegment

n4gzz3618d ago

It seems the idea is definitely taken from this author. This is shame when multibillion company steal some poor man's idea blindly instead of paying little money in agreement 'coz they have better lawyer. It happens all the time, nothing new here.

nbsmatambo3618d ago

this was badly edited, i thought Sony was suing him too lol....

rdgneoz33618d ago

n4gzz, if the idea was taken from the author, why did he wait this long to file a complaint against David Jaffe. You figure if he did come up with the idea he'd file after the first game was originally made, not several months before the 3rd one comes out. He's probably just trying to get some money from a multibillion dollar company because they came up with a great series. And as others have said, people have used Greek mythology for games and movies, its not like a completely original idea.

n4gzz3618d ago

May be you are right. I know in my real life one of the singer stole my friend's song blindly. He never sued him 'coz he didn't have that kind of money and he would have lost the case anyway. So, when story like this pops up, i just think that it could have some truth if not all.

Ju3618d ago

Somebody should sue these two guys in the first place (Bissoon-Dath and Barrette-Herzog), in fact they ripped off greek mythology. lol. US Law.

tplarkin73617d ago

I've always thought David Jaffe was not that smart. Particularly since he gave up after the first GoW. If I made a successful game, I would not abandon it and then make a DLC game called "Calling All Cars". I wouldn't be surprised if he did plagiarize it.

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Lord Anubis3618d ago

his hands don't fuse into two swords. It would be nice for GOW3

Cajun Chicken3618d ago

It sounds like this man 'ripped off' basic plotline concepts from such popular culture as Conan the Barbarian, Clash of the Titans, Red Sonja but shoved in Greek mythology and is claiming to sue David Jaffe and SCE for it just because his arms glew like lightsabres (Lucas! Sue!).

That's some weak claim, not even 1/4 obvious as the whole Psi-Ops claim years ago, which I do believe, never got sorted out. Even though it should of.

EvilCackle3618d ago

Jaffe totally owes royalties to the ancient Greeks.

TheColbertinator3618d ago

Too bad they are'nt alive to pick up the cash

meepmoopmeep3618d ago



only in America can you get rich so easily

Kleptic3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

I am a decendant of Sparta though...i've been waiting for several checks from SCE, Frank Miller, and Michigan State University, as their mascot was my uncle...

in fact, i haven't checked my mail today...brb...