Atlus Rolls Out the Spoils: Eternal Poison, Luminous Arc 2, and Persona 4 to Ship With Soundtrack CDs

Atlus has announced that these three titles will ship with soundtrack CDs in the box. Pretty sweet. They still want you to pre-order their games though, and are offering massive art books to gamers who do. It's like two pre-order bonuses in one! The Luminous Arc 2 soundtrack features the composers from Breath of Fire III and Kingdom Hearts, so watch for it.

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PikkonX3655d ago

P4= RPG of the Year 2008. Now I have to consider whether to buy it online or in the store. Online, I'm guaranteed the art book, but I'd have to pay more to get it on day one. Going into an actual Gamestop would be cheaper, but I can never be sure if they'll have the preorder extras.

LethalToxins3655d ago

Can't wait for this game. Personally, Persona 3 > FFXII by miles. <3 Atlus RPGs...if only they'd make one for the PS3.

tetsuhana3655d ago

FFXII was a huge disappointment, I had to struggle to finish it. I got Persona 3 without doing much research, and ended up putting 120+ hours into it. Atlus just needs to stop rehashing monsters/personas.

GlossGreen3655d ago

preordered P4. I've loved the series since the first game and can't wait for this one. Definitely worthy of preordering.