DRM: Why It's Going Nowhere look into the reasons that SecuROM was used as the DRM tool for Spore, and other EA games. Discussing why SecuROM are selling their accountability, instead of their software. Coming to a sensible, but yet shocking, conclusion.

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Cajun Chicken3656d ago

Irony is, Trackmania killed my laptops CD-drive and Trackmania was one of my favorite games. So I had to go to Steam and buy 'United just to solve my Trackmania problem.

N4G Member3655d ago

That article scared me.

Someone hold me.

DJ3655d ago

The goal of shareholders is to increase profit, which means stop people from stealing the $50 game. What I want to know is how a million dollar DRM program can still be thwarted by the public.

Horny Melon3655d ago

DVDs and Apples $100 million dollar encryption schemes were cracked by a 16 year old german kid. One $10 million encryption for CDs was cracked by the use of masking tape.

xplosneer3655d ago

except EVERYONE does, and not just the people that pirate the game. And the companies get richer....

Horny Melon3655d ago

Horny Melon has not done a review of Spore. The inability to remove software put in place by the DRM makes it a no go for office computers.