Star Wars: Force Unleashed Console Comparison

Discover if one of the consoles has joined the dark side!

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THC CELL3468d ago

ok they both look the same

Xbox looks a bit dark sometimes

cahill3467d ago

It has more clarity

But they both look almost same

SeanScythe3468d ago

I don't trust GT that much since they have messed up so much. But they doo look the same.

Lifendz3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

any differences are negligible at best. Any attempt to make either version better than the other is pure fanboyism.

Veronica Belmont3468d ago

The PS3 seems to have slightly better lighting but not enough to actually care about.

MaximusPrime3468d ago

really really hard to tell. Seem Gametrailer got it rite this time.

But i noticed that PS3 is slightly brighter but graphically both the same.

Kratos34523468d ago

Who cares about these comparisons?
On a 3rd party game both games always look the same.Just 1 with is slightly better or worse.Look at gta4 or dmc4.Both are the same but one version just looks slightly better.It doesn't matter.If you have a 360 get that version, if you have a ps3 then get that version.If you have both then get the version for the console you favor more.

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