Brent's Most Anticipated Games of 2017

Short Pause: "Brent reveals his most anticipated games of 2017 and manages to kill one of them off in the process."

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Lynx0207430d ago

Who is Brent and why we should care?

tazmeah430d ago

He's the author of the article and nobody said you should care. It appears N4G allows gaming websites to submit opinion pieces and Brent took advantage of that. Hope that answers your question. :)

Lynx0207430d ago

Yes, thank you. I wasn't sure if he is a common nobody-want-to-be-writer or some gaming celebrity. So I will not care.

tazmeah429d ago


Gaming celebrity? LOL! Oh heavens no, not even remotely close! His level of prominence among gamers is very low as of right now, similar to your standing here on N4G, though I'd rate him slightly higher than just "a fart in the wind".

smolinsk430d ago

For sure Ghost recon wildlands is also my most anticipated game along with Red dead 2. Horizon looks boring and all the videos is showing the same running around shooting robots and nothing else

TheDude79430d ago

Ghost Recon has so much potential and will no doubt take up a bulk of my time this spring, despite all the other big titles launching in that window. I love Tom Clancy games and the open-world elements of Wildlands that offer multiple ways to tackle your objectives.