The One True Reason To Own A Mac?

The video you've just watched is for a Mac only game called 'Feist'. Its a 2D platformer and c'mon, you've gotta admit that the game looks stunning and a hell of a lot of fun.

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Premonition3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Reminds me of little big planet

Edit: loco roco meets little big planet.

etownone3741d ago

exactly what i was thinking.... kinda like sackboy sh1tted out a ball of turd.

Parapraxis3741d ago

Little Big Planet?
Yes it's a platformer...and?

Premonition3741d ago

Did you read my comment? I said it reminds me of little big planet, the look of it.

switch-it3740d ago

Reminds me alot of Patapon. The art style at least.

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Harry1903741d ago

of games. I only wish it ends up on XBLA or PSN.

Parapraxis3741d ago

It looks mildly amusing at best.
If I want simplistic & "amazing" I'll play flOw or Pixeljunk Eden.

O-Mardil3741d ago

doesn't look so hot. Won't download

BlueRevolvuR3741d ago

i wish more games wer on it. i dont want to get windows for mac cuz that will screw it up. plus, the games i do hav play really smooth. (i got the newest one)

-SIXAXIS-3741d ago

Windows on Mac will not screw it up. I have it set up right now. Just type in Boot Camp Assistant into Finder and then open the app. Just follow the instructions. You must have a Windows installation CD and your Mac OS X installation CD though.

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