Pocket Gamer: Trivial Pursuit 1+1 Megapack Review

Boardgames are always tricky propositions to make into video games, the main reasons being that throwing a dice and moving an icon around a board is quite boring when done virtually, and also that - unless you're sitting around a television and, say, a PlayStation 2 with three other people - they tend to lose their primary purpose. After all, bankrupting an AI character when it lands on your hotel in Mayfair is never going to be as much fun as bankrupting your little brother.

A mobile phone is probably the most difficult gaming platform to convert your humble boardgame onto of the lot. That's because there's no chance of introducing some fun gameshow style buzzers, a la Buzz. And it's also a trickier prospect than, say, DS to work in some sort of Bluetooth compatible multiplayer. You're limited then to a virtual board and dice and passing your phone from one player to the next, which - as Trivial Pursuit 1+1 ably demonstrates - results in a game that's about as exciting as watching a chess championship on TV.

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