November 7th 2008, A Date To Remember

This November 7th 3 of the most eagerly anticipated titles will be released, including Gears of War 2 from Epic, Resistance 2 from Insomniac games and Tom Clancy's Endwar from Ubisoft.

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Cajun Chicken3738d ago

I can't wait to ignore all the news for Gears of War.
Unless it...really, has improved!

cahill3738d ago

x360 has a decent game in Fall but it is up against much bigger and mcuh badder --RESISTANCE 2

PS3's FALL lineup is just incredible

with WKS the lineup is THE BEST FOR a long time to come

thekingofMA3738d ago

Resistance really will be "badder" than Gears

i know you mean "badass," but i'm twisting your words...ok?

Aclay3738d ago

Resistance 2 is coming out November 4th, not Nov. 7th... anyways and I almost can't believe that it's less than 2 months away. There's so many good games coming out this Fall, I almost don't know which games to buy first. The article mentions Tom Clancy's End War, but that game is no where on my radar, but I guess RTS fans will love it.

Johnny Cullen3738d ago

He means Europe.

November 7th falls on a Friday and thats the most probable release date for the game in Europe.

Anyways, as good as Endwar is hopefully gonna be, it's only really gonna be about two games.

Gears of War 2 vs Resistance 2

deeznuts3738d ago

Talk about riding on coattails with Endwar!

Jamie Foxx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

silly ubisoft

StephanieBBB3738d ago

If LBP is as good as everyone says it is, i'll be surprised if I even notice that R2 and Gears of war 2 has been released. LBP is the game that me, my gf and all of my friends are looking forward to the most this year =) Unlimited replayability ftw!

Hububla3738d ago

its not a shooter its a RTS using the mic to order your troops around the battlefield and the online is a persistent world war 3 between rusia, US , and the European Union it actually looks pretty good but with all the other games i dont think i will be able to afford it

Real Gambler3738d ago

Yep, both original games were truly absolutely awesome. But somehow, none of the sequel are day one buy for me...

I will wait for Gears 2 simply because it's pretty much the same unreal engine again. So it will likely be like any other unreal games (the feeling, not the look), though, they know how to push it hard, so who knows. Not a day one for me for sure, will wait for my friends to tell me more about it.

I will wait for Resistance 2 because I simply think they are pushing too hard. Too many players online is a wait and see. Mega monsters look cool, but who knows.

So overall, both games should be truly awesome, but not sure enough they are sure bet. Or maybe it's the fact that I have quite a few day one buy already (2, possibly 3) in about the same time frame, so I have to be careful with the wallet. For sure, I'll avoid going to any stores during that day, just in case I cannot hold my wallet in my pocket anymore.

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THC CELL3738d ago

R 2 for the win

Gears is a rip people who buy that are just plain foolish
we all know that the who game is the same just a new story and some dlc

THC CELL3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Oh and a extra player online i think PFFF

I will be hooked on lbp as well

foolish epic are not bringing Gears of war out in october

I think LBP will smash some record sales

tehReaper3738d ago

Are you seriously trying to say Gears 2 won't sell good? HAHAHAH. You're obviously in denial.

LBP will sell a lot, and it's obvious why. It appeals to everyone. I'll be picking it up day one, in fact. But that has no impact on Gears 2 sales.

Find a different game to bash, because deep down, you know Gears is a very strong exclusive for Microsoft.