Nintendo President Hints at a Metroid Game in the Works

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says just enough to make Nintendo Fans think we'll see a Metroid announcement within the year

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Apocalypse Shadow700d ago

Don't want any hints.

Want an announcement and a release date.

Maybay700d ago

Metroid will be amazing with the Switch's HD rumble feature. Charing your shot, launching missiles, double jumps, her trademarked ball morphing - it'll be an enjoyable experience.

Erik7357699d ago

Didn't even think of that, awesome.

Deadpooled699d ago

I'm sure the pron industry would find a great use for the HD Rumble ;)

NukaCola699d ago

I want Metroid, Luigi's Mansion and a Mario Party stat!

Tussin187699d ago

Will it be out for the Switch? Or do gamers have to wait for the next console.. Switches.

Shubhendu_Singh699d ago

With Zelda at the launch, I think they kept games hidden so as not to cannabalize Zelda sales and obviously for E3.

I think Metroid would be at E3 !!

noxeven699d ago

Totally agree. Don't hint give us an new entry maybe even something that continues the story after fusion.

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Sirk7x699d ago

The lead programmer, art designer and directors of the Metroid Prime series no longer work at Retro, which is why 2007 is the last time we've seen a proper game.

NukaCola699d ago

I hope it has a 30 hour campaign and NO online

Bahamut699d ago


Wasted time and resources.

INMATEofARKHAM699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Eh, I would rather it not have MP in general... And for it to be 2D side scrolling like the orginal games.

MetroidFREAK21699d ago

Metroid doesn't need multiplayer...

TheColbertinator699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Metroid Prime Hunters had a decent MP despite the limitations of the DS. If done right by Nintendo,it could be the next MP Nintendo hit.

NukaCola699d ago (Edited 699d ago )


Fair. :) Both it is.

My initial thing is I really like how Metroid Prime controlled. It didn't really move like a shooter it kind of actually have Resident Evil 4 style tank controls but for some reason in first person at work so well. That doesn't transition to online play at all. I kind of wish they would have more platforming by having a third person perspective Metroid that's not that garbage like Other M. Sort of in the vein of how Platinum Games would make it. I think that would also be really cool.

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gbsrnctaln699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Metroid Prime Federation Force coming to switch ZOMG!!!!!

Blu3_Berry699d ago

I bet its Metroid Federation Force 2 knowing its Nintendo.

Jokes aside, if that did end up being true, that would be the biggest slap in the face for everyone. But personally, I would love to see a western studio take on Metroid besides Retro Studios, I bet someone could do its series justice that it deserves.

King_Lothric699d ago

Nintendo has no respect for Metroid so I would not be surprised if they screw it again.

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