Cray Unveils Its Smallest Super PC Ever

Cray releases its smallest supercomputer ever and it comes loaded with Windows.

If you have ever dreamed of having your own supercomputer before, it looks like now is your chance. Cray, the supercomputer company, has just released its smallest supercomputer ever and with a price tag to match. While still not exactly cheap, the new Cray CX1 can be configured to be relatively consumer affordable, priced at about the cost of a new Kia sedan. Such a stripped-down configuration though will only buy a basic system featuring a pair of Intel Xeon processors and one very nice system enclosure. Considering that the enclosure alone costs about $9,000, a truly realistic configuration would probably start closer to $25,000 and then quickly go up from there.

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Kami3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

with the money i was saving to get a ultra highend alienware, im getting one of these
EDIT: screw both alienware and these. im building my own ultra high end pc by my own

Capt CHAOS3593d ago

Does it run Windows Vista?

RareNimbus3593d ago

I already spent over 3g on my high end pc build by me. $700 for AMD processor.

Panthers3593d ago

LOL The enclosure starts at $9000. That better be able to survive 25 nuclear bombs