Scalebound Cancellation Is Unfortunate, Scorpio Will See Lot of First & Third Party Support: Pachter

While news is currently being dominated by buzz and chatter about Nintendo's newest system, this week was also the week that saw the cancellation of the long awaited Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, the action RPG led by the legendary Hideki Kamiya.

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Irishguy95526d ago

Hang on, scorpio IS just an upgrade to Xbox One isn't it? Its not a new system entirely? Like a new gen? With exclusive games?

Overload526d ago

The closer we get to it, the more people talk about it like a different system.

stuna1526d ago

It is a different system! Like I said a couple of days ago, Microsoft is going to send its supporters for a loop once Scorpio releases. Microsoft is going to kill the original Xbox 1 and Xbox S, because Scorpio will be receiving PC games therefore unlimited 2nd, 3rd and Independent party support. Already Microsoft 1st party games are playable on PC's. What's going to ultimately kill the original Xbox 1 and Xbox S is the fact that the support Scorpio will receive from PC's won't be able to be taken advantage of on the original Xbox 1 and Xbox S.

Overload526d ago

"Xbox Scorpio Is a New Generation but Will Remain Part of the Family, Says Xbox Boss Phil Spencer"

bouzebbal525d ago

So xbox one is coming to an end ?

tyasia0525d ago (Edited 525d ago )

Let it be a new generation then PS4 will be 60 million ahead instead of only 35 million.

Good luck getting 3rd party support when your system has 5% of the console market.

Obscure_Observer525d ago


I love the way you spin that BS so you guys don´t feel underwhelmed about the PS4Pro´s lack of power against the Scopio. Or should i say: Overwhelmed by your own insecurities? Overcome fear, jealousy and anxiety can be hard, i know. ;)

But fear not. PS4 has a huge and amazing line up of exclusive games where MS seems nowhere to compete. So, if power REALLY doesn´t matter to you guys, you should just leave it alone.

Xbox One already lost this gen sales wise. But that doesn´t mean it wouldn´t have great exclusive games and/or superior multiplats as well. ;)

Is gonna be a great year for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One fans alike. :)

Dragonscale525d ago

The scorpio is ms desperate attempt to start a new gen. The sooner they can bury the xbone the better so they think.

Its as obvious as the day is long.

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YinYangGaming526d ago

It's all part of the Xbox One "family" of devices. The reason for all the talk like it's a new gen is that Scorpio is utilizing all new, unreleased CPU/GPU technology not found in the Xbox One. However, all games/accessories are forwards and backwards compatible. It really is quite a feat of engineering and we don't even know the full specs yet.

Irishguy95526d ago

How do we know its a feat of engineering without knowing the specs? But yeah anyhow, so long as the Xbox One doesn't become obsolete when it arrives i'm happy. However I don't know what pachter is on about, the scorpio getting support? The an upgrade xbox one so I don't see how it'll gain support from 3rd parties etc. Likewise the Ps4 pro ain't grabbing any extra support, its just there, to be utilized.

TheGreatGamer526d ago


We do know quite a lot about specs though (6tf, 320gig memory, 12gb ram) what we don't know is the exact AMD technology but the hints allude to tech that's not on the market yet

Sparta07525d ago

" It really is quite a feat of engineering and we don't even know the full specs yet. " 😂
Ok there pal, calm down.

It's all part of the Xboxone family?
Well isn't the original Xbox, Xbox 360 part of the Xbox family?
Same can be said about ps1,2,3 and PS4. They are part of " the PlayStation family ".
Doesn't mean Scorpio is not next gen.

maybelovehate526d ago

It is a new system entirely. But since it runs a standard x86 environment it will be backwards compatible with Xbox One games. Similar to how PC's work. PS4 has the same model.

JasonKCK526d ago

Some people want Scorpio to be called next gen so they can call "foul" or say "no fair" when the Scorpio vs Pro comparisons start coming out.

stuna1525d ago

Really!? If that's what you think, it's really small minded thinking. Practically no one is even thinking comparisons at this point when IP support at the forefront of Xbox woo's.

Then take into consideration the impact of all of Microsoft 1st party games making the jump from Xbox 1 to PC's and PC games making the jump to Scorpio!? Where in your mind do you see those same games making the jump to the original Xbox 1 and Xbox S? Hell even the Xbox S still struggles to stay on par with the original PS4 and this is after a upgrade. That will determine the fate of Xbox 1 and Xbox S and Scorpio will become the definative system to go to.

Of course Microsoft won't come flat out and say it, imagine the type of backlash that would cause? Especially after the Xbox 1 unveiling they know many are skeptic as to their true intention. Look at all the 1st party games that were to Xbox 1!? Only a fraction have seen the light of day, but games like Crackdown 3 and Cuphead keep getting pushed back, Why? To coincide with Scorpio's launch! If Crackdown 3 does launch Xbox 1 or Xbox S it will be a shell of its true potential which might I add will only be available on Scorpio or PC.

Lastly I don't know what people consider as a basis for calling a product new, but changing the guts of a product is definately a basis for calling it new! And I don't mean making more it more efficient, I'm talking changing the hardware to something that wasn't available when it was first marketed.

JasonKCK525d ago

Side by side comparisons will be the first thing that happens. Calling one next gen to sooth ego's isn't going to stop anything.

Obscure_Observer525d ago


"That will determine the fate of Xbox 1 and Xbox S and Scorpio will become the definative system to go to."

Yeah. Just like the PS4Pro is the "definative" PS4 for to go? No offence man, but this is nonsense. In case you forget, the PS4 Slim was the best selling PS4 system for holidays. The Pro is just 100 bucks more expensive and yet people chosse the 2.5x less powerful PS4 Slim.

Do you think Scorpio will be just 100 bucks more expensive than Xbox One S??? GET REAL!

Scorpio is gonna be expensive this thing could cost 600 bucks or more. It´s not gonna be popular by any means if MS are aimming for this kind of price tag.

Xbox One and Xbox One S will continue to be the leading MS platform just like PS4 and PS4 Slim are to Sony.

MRMagoo123525d ago

Phil Spencer himself said it was a new gen just not the same as the others, but I guess you guys need a win of some sort and pretending the Scorpio is the same as this gen will do that for the delusional /shrug, it's all you have left really with no games at all.

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chrisoadamson526d ago

Well VR games are exclusive to the Scorpio

ziggurcat526d ago

MS has always maintained that it's a part of the Xbox One family, much like the Pro is just a part of the same PS4 family.

Bigpappy526d ago

PS-pro has much in common with PS4. No so with Scorpio (completely different design). We see very soon how this all pans out.

BlackTar187525d ago

Gonna laugh when it's more about next gen system and cuts xbox one out on games. Then we can debate if ms dropped it's fans on their face again prematurely.

ziggurcat525d ago


they were pretty clear that the Scorpio would be able to play all OG Xbox One games (and not in a BC capacity), so I doubt they'll cut them out.

n4rc525d ago

scorpio/xb1 share exclusives.. not really difficult, what one gets, the other does too..

BlackTar187525d ago

It doesn't always sound like that.

n4rc525d ago

which part? i mean, besides VR... thats just a no-brainer tho..

Irishguy95525d ago

So VR is exclusive to scorpio? What about Occulus and Xbox one?

n4rc525d ago

xb1 doesnt support VR at all that im aware of... tho there is a feature to stream xb1 to a PC with a rift attached for a movie theater type experience.. not VR tho

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dp277407525d ago

It'll be a new system that's just backwards compatible with Xboxone and does patches for old games like pro most likely but we will see at E3 or whatever.

King_Lothric525d ago

The is what Microsoft said but we all know how much Microsoft likes to mislead.

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jokerisalive526d ago

Its supposed to be an extension of the XB1 ecosystem with games being built on engines that scale rez. From what I have heard Gears 4and Horizon 3 will run at 4k day one on the Scorpio. SO any 'exclusives' are MS exclusives for the XB1 family I would guess unless something has changed.

n4rc525d ago

its no different then PC (or even mobile i guess, dont game on my phone lol) where you and i are playing the same game yet could have massively different results based on our hardware

and one would assume 1st party would ramp up for a big new release.. also signing 2nd and 3rd party deals id assume

corroios526d ago

If patcher is saying this, its doomed,lol

Melankolis526d ago

That extra 4tf but no exclusives! I don't know should i praise or mock Microsoft?

chrisoadamson526d ago

VR games will be exclusive to Scorpio

chrisoadamson525d ago

who down votes a fact that phil spencer and Microsoft have said on recordlol

-Foxtrot526d ago know looking at the display pic for Scalebound I hope if it's ever brought back they redesign the main guy

He looks like Ellen DeGeneres

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