Gaming Age Review: Yggdra Union

Dustin Chadwell writes:

"It's not often that we see a GBA to PSP port, or ever for that matter (that I can think of at least), but I'm pretty happy that Atlus decided to do this with Yggdra Union, if for no other reason than to give gamers another chance at picking up a pretty fun, and slightly odd, SRPG. The original GBA title is a bit difficult to find nowadays, and while the majority of the mechanics in this port are identical to the original version, it's still a solid addition to the RPG library on the PSP.

If you've never played or heard of Yggdra Union before, it's a somewhat niche take on the typical grid based strategy RPG formula, with a heavy emphasis on cards to augment your characters, using these to base movement allocation and certain special skills on. The other variation in the genre comes from only allowing a single character to instigate an attack on your opponent each round, but if you've managed to position yourself correctly on the grid, you can bring in a small force of characters that surround you, and hope to overpower whatever defense your opponent has set up."

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