Gaming Age Review: Gin Rummy (XBLA)

Kent Bardo writes:

"As humanity edges closer to an existence of blissful isolation, signposts on that road continue to go unnoticed. Gin Rummy on Xbox Live Arcade is the online version of the classic card game. Unlike Uno, it is a game favored by grown ups (old people), like Bridge, except it's fun.

Standard Gin is the default game, but other options are available such as 3-Hand Gin, Hollywood Gin and Oklahoma Gin. Up to four people can play online and the vision camera is supported. But it would be nice if the camera did not turn on automatically without telling the player. We can't be the only ones who leave our camera facing outward without giving it much notice every day, so the game should prompt the player to use it instead of just turning it on without warning."

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