Valve Kills Google Buy-Out Rumor

Brian Crecente of Kotaku writes: "While the idea seems crazy at first blush Valve's Doug Lombardi has said they're willing to be bought. So we checked in with Lombardi himself this morning and he put our minds at ease, telling us it is purely a rumor, a bit of fiction."

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EvilCackle3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Alright, appreciate you removing the report.

JustinSaneV23742d ago

Sorry about that. Seen it in the pending list and automatically thought duplicate. You must have beat me by a minute or so :D

meepmoopmeep3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

if they're willing i'm sure MS would be interested.
they would be a good team to acquire.

heyheyhey3742d ago

yeah seems like a good buy for MS

and as long as they allow Valve to make games for the PC (they probably will, Valve are very successful with the platform)... then i couldn't care less

Valve games are always meant to be played on PC and not consoles

JustinSaneV23742d ago

Actually I believe Gabe Newell used to work for Microsoft.

Yeah he did.

meepmoopmeep3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

in a sense, he still does

solar3742d ago

ive been freaking out all day. if Google bought Valve i would probably break down and cry like a lil baby. i like Steam for its games. i dont want it turned into some media BS center that Google wants to push onto me.

thekingofMA3742d ago

in our eyes we think MS acquiring Valve would be a good idea, since they only develop on PC and 360 anyways

but when you think about it, it would be a terrible acquisition

i love Valve and the games they develop, but we all know they take their time making games. i don't think MS would like this, and while i'm not saying MS would rush Valve, it wouldn't make much financial sense to own a studio who develops really slowly, as seen in the recent Ensemble closing announcement

it's much cheaper to not own a developing studio, and the current MS-Valve relationship is great for both sides, especially MS, as they are essentially a second party dev

so for now, i say just let Valve be. as long as Activision doesn't get them, i'm happy (Activision really sucks.)

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EvilCackle3742d ago

Other than the fact that they take fookin' forever to put their games out, Valve is doing just fine on its own. I can't argue with the quality of the finished products, either. I also get the feeling that whatever company bought them would put a stop to the free DLC gravy train.

Bigrhyno3742d ago

That's actually the reason I wasn't for the google idea. A big company would force them to have deadlines, which would lessen the overall quality of their products.

JD_Shadow3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

>> Other than the fact that they take fookin' forever to put their games out <<

Don't forget that the entire Valve/PS3 situation being detrimental to them. Remember, the PS3 fans don't HAVE to buy their games regardless of what other systems they own because Valve's ignorance, complete uncaring, stubbornness, and acting like the world will end if they have to learn PS3 code can lead to an outright boycott of all Valve games on ALL platforms. To continue to hold THEIR interest, they have to at least TRY to make an effort.

By the way, the Google thing might've also forced Valve to make a new engine and develop for ALL platforms, so that is something else to consider.

That and, well, this is Kotaku reporting this, and just because someone denies it doesn't necessarily mean it's officially dead. We'll soon see if this one is really dead or if more info sprouts again to rekindle the rumor flame.

EvilCackle3742d ago

See how long it takes them to make a game on just one or two platforms? Imagine how long it would take them if they had to do it for every platform.

Some developers favor one platform or another. I'm glad there's a developer out there who's committed first and foremost to the PC. It's rare, especially with shooters.

"Valve's ignorance, complete uncaring, stubbornness, and acting like the world will end if they have to learn PS3 code can lead to an outright boycott of all Valve games on ALL platforms"

Uh, if you had one of those other platforms, wouldn't you just buy their games on those other platforms? You're not going to boycott a company because they produce games for one of the systems you own but not the other.

solar3742d ago

no use arguing with darkpower dimeford. Valve has stated why they cant help the ps3 version of TOB, EA did the port. they have stated how they cant afford to learn the ps3 tech because of lack of resources, being a small developer team.

it doesnt matter what Valve says, the ps3 fanboys will always hate them, call them lazy, call them untalented, and call Gabe fat. and i know why. Valve's track record of releasing AAA titles. jealousy to pure hatred because they dont get what they want. you dont need to waste your breath. it never gets you anywhere with fanboys.

thekingofMA3742d ago

i don't usually say this...but darkpower got owned. pretty badly.

but on topic: glad this isn't happening. even if they take long to develop games, they're always great, so i don't think it matters.

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