The FACTS about Life With PlayStation

Sev1512 of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Many of you have seen PlayStation LifeStyle's announcement that Life With PlayStation was available for download. With so many PS3 users left in the cold, PlayStation LifeStyle is bringing you the FACTS about Life With PlayStation so you can prepare for when it is finally released to the public…

* Life With PlayStation was released accidentally, Sony told Eurogamer "Today, while testing the application, Life with PlayStation was available for download temporarily, by mistake"
* It's coming shortly. Sony added to Eurogamer "We will make official announcement for the service launch shortly."
* It does NOT require, nor have anything to do with FW 2.43 unlike what Kotaku is saying (Kotaku is saying "2.43 PS3 update adds Life With PlayStation for some")
* Life With PlayStation replaces [email protected] icon, and application.

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HighDefinition3445d ago

It super convenient (like Home), and it FREE (like Home).

End of Story.

Sev3445d ago

I added your FREE comment to the original story...

HighDefinition3445d ago

Don`t thank ME, Thank Sony.


meepmoopmeep3445d ago

i don't even know what it is, what is it?

uie4rhig3445d ago

but like much better, sev had posted a video of it as well.. lemme find it...



meepmoopmeep3445d ago

thanks! +bubble for the link

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RAY0173445d ago

Cant believe everything that SONY is giving us for FREE. SONY FAN FOR LIFE!!!

duarteq3445d ago

As always the Eurogamer Network give us the true about a game story. Kotaku must be better in giving news...

Sev3445d ago

I am sick of Kotaku spreading false information

trancefreak3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Very tru Sev. They are a propaganda machine.

heyheyhey3445d ago


Kotaku are FUBAR, they are nothing but a nuisance to the game industry

tocrazed4you3445d ago

damn ittt i wanted life with playstation

Stryfeno23445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

LOL..But it is FREE :D

cahill3445d ago

50$ for crappy online

and garbage game plague the console

heyheyhey3445d ago

yes.... a term rarely encountered when using the Xbox 360

you even have to pay for themes lol

360 don't look so cheap now does it? money that you save gets spent on things you need like HDD, Wi-Fi, themes, online etc

MAiKU3445d ago


my god, the only thing xbox ever offers for free is stupidity and how to be a troll guide (apparently).

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The story is too old to be commented.