BombMatt Reviews: NHL '09 vs. NHL 2K9

BombMatt writes: "From a technical standpoint, it would appear that NHL 2K9 has the advantage. While EA's game is limited to 720p (HD resolution), 2K9 supports 1080i and 1080p.

If it were only that simple.

NHL 2K9 suffers from an extreme case of the 'jaggies'. Anti-aliasing is so bad on this title that it's hard to believe it was created for a current-gen machine. Nearly every moment of the game is plagued by the 'marching ants' effect around the edges of objects.

Player animations aren't much better. Although the back of the box boasts that 2K9 has raised the amount of animations used for players from previous years, you wouldn't know it from observation. Players change direction with little-to-no frames of animation, and player movement (especially during celebrations) looks wooden and unnatural.

In contrast, NHL '09 features fluid motion, great detail, superior camera angles, and ZERO jagged edges. The game is simply beautiful."

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