Years later, BioWare reveals why Dragon Age 2 expansion Exalted March was canned

When BioWare moved from Dragon Age 2 to Dragon Age: Inquisition, something was lost. It was an expansion called Exalted March.

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Last_Boss583d ago

I loved this game even with its flaws. The Arishok & Knight Commander Meredith were some awesome enemies.

Diffraction_Fos583d ago

DA2 felt like a game some indie developer made(obviously poorly) to copy Dragon Age Origins, not a direct sequel by Bioware itself. It sucks so bad, its not even debatable.

Last_Boss582d ago

My thing is I don't over analyze games. I know EA rushed this game just like they did with Mass Effect 2, cause they suffered the same problem, of bland environments with no exploration. I saw something really incredible in DA2 especially after the defeat of the blight.

dolfa583d ago

I'd rather read the Why were the sequels so ****ing terrible compared to the Origins. Sure they were playable, but to them Origins is a master piece.


Heh, I always figured it was because they didn't have any environmental artists to make new in game locations...

SolidGear3583d ago

Dragon Age II was amazing. Dragon Age Origins was laughably bad. Dragon Age Inquisition is the best fantasy themed Action RPG ever made. End of story.

Psychonaut85583d ago

Solid troll man. Solid troll.

Featuring_Dante583d ago

because it wasn't queer enough?

Irishguy95581d ago

That is so inappropriate!

Featuring_Dante580d ago

Sorry i hurt your queer friends!

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