Where are the Xbox One's exclusives?

Scalebound's cancellation draws attention to this year's anaemic Xbox line-up; is this Scorpio's rain shadow, or a more worrying trend?

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Overload433d ago

"The question is whether Microsoft's anaemic slate of exclusive releases is down, in part, to a focus on getting big titles ready for Scorpio's launch window. If so, it feels awfully like confirmation that Scorpio - though no doubt sharing Xbox One's architecture and thus offering perfect backwards compatibility - is really a new console with new exclusive software to match. If it's not the case, however, then along with clearing up the details of Scorpio, this year's E3 will have to answer another big question for Microsoft; where is all your software?"

E3 is going to be interesting.

Deep-throat433d ago

I'm sure E3 will be interesting since Sony has awaken the giant.

The most powerful console is coming. Sony can't afford to release a new console any time soon.

Liqu1d433d ago

They just released a new console and PSVR a few months ago while still investing in exclusive games. PlayStation probably gets more funding than Xbox does.

Razzer432d ago

Sony is too busy on the games maybe? You know......the reason consoles even exist.

GtR35olution432d ago

Xbox doesnt have any exclusives. Theyre all on pc

naruga432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

basically my comment here ... Scorpio is being prepared with exclusive library (not backward comapatible with Xone) ..simply a new console ....Scalebound was a victim of that transition

ShadowKnight432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Why would Sony need to release a new console now with a strong install base? 🤔🤔

GT67432d ago (Edited 431d ago )

"Sony has awaken the giant"

What Giant you refering to???
Surely not miget Microsoft Compare to Gigantic Power house Sony (games) wise.
Sony is the Giant here , while MS is like Tatoo from Fantasy Island "da Sony ' da Sony " pointing upwards .

trooper_432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

How could they wake up a giant when the giant's weak around the knees?? If anything, Sony's knocking away at those knees.

King_Lothric432d ago

They just did! Is called PS4 Pro and is doing native 4k even a year before scorpio and is going to have exclusives games unlike the Xbox.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

That's ridiculous. It's quite clear that Microsoft has given up on the "exclusives sell consoles" narrative because they have been downplaying, ducking, dodging, and trying to redefine the word "exclusive" ever since they began porting games to Windows 10. Microsoft is going to rely solely on multiplats and power to make Scorpio a success. I don't think that strategy is going to work out very well.

Ceaser9857361432d ago

deep throat

"m sure E3 will be interesting since Sony has awaken the giant.

The most powerful console is coming. Sony can't afford to release a new console any time soon"

Applaud you for smoking special kind of weed.. May god have mercy .. cheers!


You now that the "most powerful console" is a term relative to time do you? The ps4 pro IS the most powerful console ever made! A year ago the ps4 was the most powerful console ever made, before was the ps3...etc.

So that title carries you only so much, you need games (esclusives) to make that power shine.

DarXyde432d ago

I'm sure they can, but they also don't need to.

You can place your priorities in power, but that does nothing if you don't have the software to make use of it. It also helps to actually have good software.

RosweeSon432d ago

Nor would they bother when they've only just hit 50 million and counting console sales... a company who has cleared 100 million twice before... PS4 ain't going anywhere for another 3 years. Scorpio are on their own with no games enjoy.

rainslacker432d ago

Yeah, sony is so broke they can't afford to release a new console. That means all they can do is release games. Sucks to be Sony I guess.

What a stupid argument you made. Did you really even think it through?

FinalFantasyFanatic432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

If anything, Microsoft has consistently f***ed up this gen, for the sake of competition and preventing Sony from becoming complacent, I hope they eventually make up for this. They really need to develop or lure 3rd developers and crank out those IPs. Personally I hope the Switch makes for some decent competition.

Even one of my co-workers are selling his Xone and buying a PS4 because he's not happy with the library of games to play. Another is just letting his gather dust at the moment.

morganfell432d ago

"Sony has awaken the giant."

Sony woke themselves up? Newsflash! Sony is the giant and if they have gotten this far asleep I can only imagine what things will be like now that they are awake.

Hardware shmardware. Its about the games. MS can't learn that, Nintendo has not learned that, and you have not learned this either.

BIGBOSS08432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Sony playstation IS the giant and Microsoft will need a hell of a lot more than having the most powerful console to take them down. It might even be Impossible unless sony themselves mess up like with the ps3. So it doesn't really matter what Microsoft. .

DreadGara431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

Pro is the strongest console to date, Scorpio is not here and it's weaker than PS5.

Best logical respond to those people......

And no, Sony didn't awaken any giant, it just poked a midget if that's what he meant.

xer0431d ago

Where are the games?

Besides, every Xbox exclusive is on PC.
Rather than purchase an Xbox Scorpio, I should build a more powerful PC with better specs than Scorpio right now.

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AngelicIceDiamond433d ago

Scorpio isn't new console if X1 versions will release right along side it.

Major_Glitch432d ago

Once you sober up, try reading what you wrote again. Did you catch the hole in your logic?

Mr-Writer432d ago


He is right in a way.

If every game that is on X1 is on Scorpio then it's not a new console, it's just an upgraded X1 just like the Pro.

If it was a new console it would have its own games that couldn't be played on X1.

r2oB432d ago

Scorpio will have games that can't be played on Xbox One. Any VR only game will not be playable on Xbox One. Does that mean it's a new console?

LastCenturyRob431d ago

So that means my old pc from 15 years ago is the same as my new one? Nice to know.....yawn.

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gamer7804432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

it is the next console, i don't think it will have exclusives, however i do think there will be games designed for scorpio, then just ported to a much lower res for xbox one. Its really a win win, for those with smaller TVs, 1080p tvs and don't want or can't upgrade to 4k TVs you'll still be able to play all of the new games, unlike wiiu vs switch (save for the new zelda and mario kart which was designed for wiiu)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen432d ago

You actually believe that developers are going to downgrade games from Scorpio to Xbox One when it's easier to just port Xbox One games to Scorpio and add UHD features to the game in a patch? You can't be that out of touch with reality can you?

Rude-ro432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Being that 6 years ago people stated saying that exact same thing about the games on the 360 ... I doubt they have anything.
See, the time in which Microsoft shined was with the one year on the market with the 360 free to make deals with third party developers and not come off as a monopolizer...
They can not do that now.
Gamers are asking for Microsoft to be a gaming company but they are not. When they do their third party deals, they now stick out like sore thumbs.
The Scorpio is not going to have an adavantage that would make a game exclusive to it as far using power difference as an excuse as only capable on the Scorpio.
They would also still have to face pr disaster of moving on to a new console due to "power" rather than software.
They are liars and I think they made too many potholes in the path ahead of them.
Kinects over promising, dx12 over promising, the cloud over promising, going over 6 years and not introducing one new AAA first party exclusive.

Hopefully the power gives them what they want... I just do not think it will.

DigitalRaptor432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Your comment is the truest thing I've read in a long time.

Microsoft isn't a gaming company. They don't care about the industry or its growth. They got into the business to "stop Sony" rather than immediate healthy competition, furthermore to infiltrate the living room to control consumers in ways that they had no say in. No company with the best interests of the gamer or the industry would ever have tried what they did at the start of this generation whilst smiling at you on a stage.

Many people working within the Xbox division might be some of the most passionate people you will see working in gaming, but what we're actually seeing happen are broader strokes of action that reflect disappointment from a higher level. The company is not investing in first-party studios or long-term action, but closing studios instead and cancelling projects. They're leveraging their Xbox division to help sell Windows 10, and yet again adding more restrictions to the lives of PC gamers. Now, they can't let Xbox thrive because they don't have the faith.

What they "want" in this industry doesn't align with what the gamer wants or what is healthy for the long-term state of this industry. More power will just give them more reason to misjudge their audience like they have done already.

Bahamut432d ago

If Microsoft wants to turn this around, they have to do something BIG with the Scorpio. So maybe they're doing just that, Overload.

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Genuine-User433d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Here's what I'm looking forward to on the Xbox One/Scorpio in 2017:

Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2
Halo 6?
Crackdown 3
Voodoo Vince Remastered
Planet of the Eyes

Edit: to those that are questioning my list

Note that I'm not comparing the lineup between Xbox and PS4.

PlayStation 2017 lineup is obviously my favourite, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate console exclusive games on the Xbox One. And truth be told, there's a good amount on it as well.

Some of you need to ease off the hyperbole.

Overload433d ago

The problem is what you listed (aside from Forza 7 and Phantom Dust HD) is everything they have coming in the future.

It is one unannounced game, 3 retail games, 3 indie games and 1 remaster. This is the 4th year.

Genuine-User433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

They also have Halo Wars Remastered and Halo Wars 2 coming out,

But yeah Xbox One is not my primary gaming machine therefore I'm fine with the selection of console exclusives.

lastking95432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

No its not everything and halo 6 is a 2018 title btw.
For me it's
crackdown 3
Ori 2
SoD 2
Cup head
And im 50/50 about halo wars 2
Dont care about the rest

On ps side
Dont care about the rest .
Super hyped for gow 4. Hotzion looks great but I keep feeling they should've used real dinosaurs. If the robotic dinos have little to do with the story it'll some what annoying but still enjoyable

But ho on exclusive list spree when in reality they no damn well they barely buy them (sales even back me up)

Stogz432d ago

@lastking95 ya know what sales also back up? That anything that's not Halo or Gears pretty much tanks on x1...

DigitalRaptor432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

@ LastKing95

It pretty much is, that we know about.

Talking about what you personally want on multiple system reflects only on you. It's about what the audience is being offered 4 years into the console's lifecycle. It's about a company's lineup of games waning in diversity. It's about people seeing Microsoft closing 8 first-party studios at once, and cancelling games - which you're trying to frame as not a problem or a worry for Xbox gamers with certain expectations going forwards. I've seen you label all of this as "haters gonna hate" in the same 60 seconds that I read a passionate Xbox fan reflect exactly what we've been seeing here there and everywhere about Microsoft's direction and situation with exclusive games and studios.

The fact that you're actually questioning whether the robot dinosaurs are a part of the story in Horizon just proves you're just trying out odd baseless excuses to go with your weird-ass damage control. I mean what kind of person looking forward to the game would even begin to question such a thing? But then I realise... you might be used to questioning things like that after having been dealt such a grossly deceptive marketing campaign in Halo 5 and started to question all other games in regards to their stories. That right? I mean you want to point that out about Horizon.... meanwhile we've seen what amounts to nothing on CD3, nothing on SoD2, nothing on Ori 2 but you're skeptical about Horizon....

Sales back up that these games end up being successful enough to get sequels and for the developers to keep making the games for PlayStation gamers, rather than them not appearing on Xbox in the first place because they don't sell enough on Xbox to see a sequel or Microsoft goes savage again and cancels them.

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gamer7804432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

I'm a bit disappointed with xbox right now, sea of thieves looks pretty good, but all of the rest don't interest me (not nearly enough has been shown of crackdown to make a decision). I was really looking forward to scale bound and fable legends as a fantasy fan. Thank goodness mass effect comes out this year.

ShadowKnight432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

I absolutely agree. I'm glad I have a high end PC so I can still play a few of their games like Cuphead, Halo wars 2, and Forza. Other than that unfortunately the other games don't interest me atm.

81BX432d ago

Excellent list of games, couple that with the multiplats. Yeah XB1 is beast

81BX432d ago

No my dude. My xb1 is the most played system in my house. XBox is going to have another good year

DeadlyOreo432d ago

That's a terrible list of games 😂 have you even checked what Sony is offering this year? It's makes this list look pathetic. Come on man, you must know you're missing out here.

ChrisChambers432d ago


Sony could release 1000 games this year, but if none of them are appealing to someone it doesn't matter. And judging by sales of a lot of these niche games PS fans claim to love, most Playstation fans don't care for them either.

MRMagoo123431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

the xbone is the only system in your house then I suspect, cos otherwise it makes no sense

MRMagoo123431d ago


well having 1000 games and getting 20 good ones out of them is a lot better than getting 4 games and having none good like you would have with the xbone

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LabRat432d ago

Halo wars 2 is one I'm waiting for as well

trooper_432d ago

And those games...are nothing compared to the competition's lineup.

jwillj2k4432d ago

why are indies something to look forward to on xbox when the ps is ridiculed for having them? sony had a large mix of indies and exclusives and people call it the indie station. xbox has barebones anything with a few indies and people say its the greatest line up in history. its bs.

lastking95432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

90% of indies are trash. Outside of 3 on both systems none looks good. PS4 simply hasnt had a hit indie. Xbox one has only had 1 with 2 that looks to be good coming.

Stogz432d ago

@lastking95 ah, of course an Xbox fanboy would say that only MS has good indies while Sony doesn't. What a goofy comment.

DigitalRaptor432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Oh LastKing95....

Stop with the convenient to your agenda excuses. PS4 has plenty of great indies including RESOGUN and ALIENATION from Housemarque, KILLING FLOOR 2 from Tripwire Interactive, HELLDIVERS from Arrowhead Games, TRANSISTOR and PYRE from Supergiant Games. THE WITNESS from Jon Blow (even though now also on XB1) came out last year was one of the best games of the year, yet here you are saying that PS4 "simply" hasn't had a single one. If it were simple, you would know that to be false. Your slavery to Xbox is causing you to misinform others, so please stop.

MRMagoo123431d ago


windows 10 ? I have windows 7 and I have played those "windows 10" and xbone "exclusives" on my pc

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

@obscure- nope, you could play Quantum break on Windows 7, 8 etc

Sooooo I mean PC. personal computer is still personal computer regardless of operating system.


Oops lol

Realms432d ago

That list seems pretty anemic when compared to Sony's

Gravity Rush 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
Persona 5
Day's Gone
Uncharted Legacy
The Last of Us 2
God Of War
Spider Man
Crash Bandicoot N sane Trilogy
Nino Kuni 2
Ace Combat
Yakuza 0
Sucker Punch's new IP?

Even though some of these games aren't coming in 2017 IMO my list has more exciting games than anything you mentioned aside from cup head and sea of thieves everything else on your list just seems meh.

Brisco431d ago

This is a Sony walhala. No chance in here stating your opinion on xbox here with out getting trashed for it.

LastCenturyRob431d ago

Don't talk facts to fanboy trolls...They can't handle it.

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Herbalistic433d ago (Edited 433d ago )

Xbox One doesn't have much to offer which is why i haven't bought one.

maybelovehate432d ago

If you have a PC I think you aren't missing too much. But if you don't have a nice PC you are missing some great games.

GT67432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Xbox brand Never had Much to offer since day 1 from Original xbox to Xbox 1
in all these years nothing New outside of Halo,Gears,Forza . Variety is not Microsoft thing . running old formats into the ground yes. Halo and Gears been around since what ?? 2005? Slap on few tweaks call it Halo 12 same old boring format. Rinse wash repeat with Gears, Forza .
Xbox has nothing to offer me.

@ 343 below Xbox 1 has noooooo multiple heavy Hitters . if you call few crumb games and rinse,wash repeat Old halo,gears,forza games Exclusive then MS is Dead drifting in No exclusive land.

343_Guilty_Spark432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Jade Empire
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Jet Set Radio Future
Project Gotham Racing

OG Xbox didn't have anything to offer? ....pshhh

lastking95432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

Fable 1 and 2 are must plays even today. Sunset od is a one of a kind game, ori best platform Ive played in over a decade. Outside of those yeah no heavy hitters imho.

To disagreers if you're an open world rpg fan and dislike fable 1/2 you lose all credibility. Sunset started slow but got better over time. Never had a game make me litterally ROFL (hopefully fractured but whole does) and Nobody will change my opinion about ori. If MS was smart theyd really get behind it and treat it like mario.

Bronxs15432d ago

Wow, what an incredibly ignorant comment. I guess you could of fixed it if you added “to me” at the end of “Xbox brand never had much to offer”.

If you think Xbox just has gears, halo, forza you’re missing out on a lot. As a gamer you should really check out the library of games.

Gears, halo, forza are popular because they are fun. But if big budget blockbusters aren’t your thing, Microsoft was basically the first to start smaller downloadable titles on a console. Tittles like shadow complex, Splosion man, geometry wars instantly come to mind. To me, there are lots of unique great games and experience to be had on all consoles.

ChrisChambers432d ago

Ahhh yes we all know Sony doesn't have sequels to any games ever......

You strike me as one of those people that would call a pile of shit a masterpiece as long as it has a Sony logo on it

DigitalRaptor432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

@ LastKing95

You try and pre-emptively call out other people's credibility because they might not like Fable games, but you try and discredit a console's lineup of games because you personally don't like those games. If you aren't interested in anything past GoW and Horizon then you have already lost all credibility. It's easy to play your role ain't it?

Now, the fact that you think the cringeworthy, forced bro-hipster humour of Sunset Overdrive is funny, says it all, especially when you list out what it is that you're looking forward to on both consoles.