Casual Review: Jane's Realty

Casual Review writes: "If you're a construction simulation fan, you've probably already downloaded Jane's Realty. I write on behalf of the first-timers (like myself), discovering this genre for the first time. Jane's Realty taught me two things about construction sims: first, it's addictive to build buildings, and second, it's a damn difficult thing to do if you're not taught properly.

There is a simple, almost primal joy in building things in sequence and then watching the results. In Jane's Realty, the sequence is simple: first you build the utilities (power and water), then you purchase lots, build houses, decorate the houses, and rent them out. Collect rent from each tenant to earn cash, which you use to build more structures and better houses. Eventually, you can upgrade existing houses, repair or demolish things, buy more furniture, etc. There's no lack of depth in this game: what starts out really simple becomes very detailed in the later areas."

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