Journal of a Survivor in The Forest

Dash Bomber writes, "Day One: I woke up, after my plane crash landed and watched as a man in red paint was taking my son. I tried moving, but for some reason my body wouldn’t react. By the time I could react, it had been far too late. The first thing which stood out as I awoke was the plane axe lodged in the torso of the plane attendant. I took a look around the plane cabin before making my exit and grabbed some medicine along with some dinner trays from the flight. Exiting the plane, I noticed the sleuth of baggage laid around me; I figured since the passengers were gone–or dead–I might as well help myself. Utilizing my axe, I opened enough cases to fill my pockets with cloths, energy drinks, and snack bars in case of emergencies. Once that was finished, I took a good look at my surroundings. I had no idea where the plane crash landed, but it was definitely The Forest . . ."

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