The Forest Review by Gravis Ludus

Dash Bomber writes, "You crash land while on a plane ride and find the passengers all dead. Suddenly, you’re thrust into a world of survival with only an axe and a guide. The whole world opens up to you in a lush forest paradise. However, what’s that? It’s a cannibalistic human with a thirst for your blood! What can you do? You fight to survive, build an effigy of your conquest, make a boat and float away to the nearest island. But buckle up, because this is The Forest and random game elements might be your downfall."

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Thatguy-310677d ago

When is this coming to the ps4?

SeanScythe676d ago

Yeah no kidding it was announced 2 or 3 E3's ago.

esmittystud101676d ago

We just wana know when it's coming to PS4. That's it.