Rumour: lots of MS announcements next week

From "It looks like next week could be a busy time for 360 fans, with an industry insider claiming that Microsoft is due to make several announcements next week.

"On Monday, a well place industry source informed us that Microsoft is planning to hold an event here in Europe next week.

"[Speaking to again today] Our source assured us that despite the price cut announcement yesterday, the event is definitely due to go ahead next week, and that Microsoft will make lots of announcements.

"Sadly, our source was unable to reveal what these announcements will be, but did throw a little light on when the event may take place.

"With longstanding rumours suggesting that a Bungie related announcement could be coming on 25 September, we asked our source whether this was the date when the mysterious event will take place.

"Our source said that this was a date they had heard of in relation to the event, but wasn't in a position to confirm it."

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Freezingduck3622d ago

You have nothing left on your console but to wait - sounds about right

Pain3622d ago

M$ : we bought this, Bribe them for that, Copied some of those, and lied about that~ did we say Bought?

sak5003622d ago

No he's not talking about Ps3rd. 360, whose games/features/online pwns the psturd.

-Maverick-3619d ago

hahahahahhahahaha Nasim good OWNED again.

hahhahahahahahhahahah PS3rd he said.

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Dark3603622d ago

YEAHHHHHH I can't wait............

nice_cuppa3622d ago

now will they stick with 2008 or will we see 2009 games !

WhittO3622d ago

lol they have like hardly no exclusive 2009 games (that we know of)

AllseeingEye3622d ago

They speculate MS will have announcements? LOL. I speculate Nintendo and Sony will have announcements soon as well.

Saint Sony3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

...and some new games.

RealityCheck3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

@ 1.1, not yet, they will wait after this holiday season. Probably late spring to early summer 2009 for that kind of announcement.

Next week will just be about the new Live experience and some mini-games.

MorganX3621d ago

September 25, Sony will have an announcement, WipEout HD is available on PSN. I'll read Microsoft's announcements at a later date :>

Radiodread3622d ago

M$ still has suprises up their sleeves, unlike sony which whored out all suprises at E3 and STILL didn't win.

WhittO3622d ago

Nope actually, they only seemed like they "whored" announcements out because they had more than like 1, and more at Liepzig, and still has some games etc they still havent uncovered.