Early Access is a failed project - its time for Valve to take action

Early Access is a problem, and it needs to be fixed. Selling games that are not finished fully knowing they will never be finished is just not okay.

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lelo2play436d ago

Never purchased a game in early access... and probably never will purchase a game in early access.

subtenko435d ago

good 4 u. I wish I had the chance to pay for some of these tech demos playstation occasionally shows. I'd spend about $5 or so. Depends on the game/demo.

Bismarn436d ago

Wait early access is still a thing? People still fall for that scam? I thought it had gone the way of Kickstarter or Nigerian scams.

quent436d ago

Isn't Final Fantasy 15 still in early access ? and what about big day 1 patches, or games taken nearly a decade to release after they have been announced but people still preorder them, the only difference between a steam early access game and a lot of AAA broken releases are bigger marketing budgets, people should be more critical when looking at those with bigger budgets who release games in a broken or incomplete state then indie developers that are just starting out, games that are more often then not developed by a single individual.

You have to dig deep through a lot of the crap in early access to find the gems, but they are out there, in AAA and in the Indie scene.

For another example just look at how big a problem the proverbial digital sh!t shoveling has become on youtube.

People pointing there fingers squarely at youtube as the problem for all the DMCA crap that's going on with big companies interfering with a lot of legitimate content creators, the problem is far more complex and way too big to just flip an off switch, should youtube close down everyone's channels because thats fixing the dmca problem because the majority of people on youtube are using other peoples content without there consent, so everyone should be held accountable, fair right ?

maybelovehate435d ago

I don't see why giving consumers options is a bad thing. If the consumer doesn't like it, don't buy it.

Rachel_Alucard435d ago

Because the free market has never and will never police itself to stop itself from buying things that hurt the mass in the long run. Look at CoD, Kickstarter, Mobile games, etc for reference.

agent4532435d ago

With Kickstarter the gamer gets his/her money back. With Early Access the gamer loses 💰

Rachel_Alucard435d ago


Yeah Mighty number 9 and the many cancelled and scam projects are definitely getting your money back

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