DirectX 11: A look at what's coming

Tim Smalley writes:

"It doesn't seem all that long ago when Microsoft first started talking about what DirectX 10 would bring to game development. In fact, it was less than two years ago when we described the new pipeline and since then we've had a couple of generations of hardware from both AMD and Nvidia."

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Scudd3619d ago

Cant help but think we have heard this all before

DeadlyFire3619d ago

Still its another 2-3 years before this comes out to the market. Things can change and it can get better.

AliC3619d ago

I remember when DirectX 10 was supposed to be the next amazing thing, and that if you didn't want to be left out you had to get yourself a DX10 graphic card.

Developers are only just starting to play around with DX10, but DirectX 9.0C is still largely mainstream and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

f7897903619d ago

Because if it does you can count me out. I have a DX10 card and I prefer to run it at max DX9.

Pain3619d ago

Open GL >>> M$ DX 11 coding.

spin away kids.err dorks...

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