Extreme Gamer: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Chris Gagne writes:

"Overall Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is disappointing. There are a handful of noticeable bugs and glitches in the game, both in the cinematics and gameplay. It's funny to see a character moving around the screen awkwardly, and to see your car sunken into the road, but then you remember this is next gen gaming and this shouldn't be happening. As mentioned, the sound and graphics aren't great, they aren't terrible but they're not great. The gameplay feels extremely repetitive and gets boring quickly. It's a good thing there's the option to either do missions and HVT's so there's some variety. The driving mechanics that were used are very weak and makes evasion driving tough. The AI isn't smart at all, but having some inaccurate and weak weapons in your arsenal compensates that. The storyline is terrible and makes no sense, if there even is a storyline."

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Dorfdad3741d ago

I must be a lamer than beacuse im sure having alot of fun with this game. It best played in shorter stints 1-2 hours and than come back. Im not finding it boring at all though Im 45% done with the missions.

The AI is dumb I agree but you can still be overwheled and die easily.

I just do not get all the hate for this game I would say its at least an 75/100 and its a damn fun time for me...

the Explosions are the best in any game!

Kratos Spartan3741d ago

The game is glitchy as hell. I've had my helicopter just disappear a few times for a transit. But still, the game is so much fun!

Oh, and the driving is pretty tight, even for evasions. What was he talking about? But still, the games fun level trumps everything else anyway.

-Viva la Revolucion! or something