Will games ever be seen as 'art'?

From The Guardian:
By Naomi Alderman

One hundred years from now, schoolchildren will study the computer game classics just as they study classic books, music, art and film.

I suppose many people might find this statement absurd. While our culture recognises that films can be art – and is coming to understand that television and comic books can be too – computer games continue to be viewed as a medium that simply cannot support serious artistic endeavour.

As a result of this, the debate around children and gaming continues to centre on whether gaming is "good for children" – whether games improve hand-eye co-ordination for example, or promote literacy skills.

But this is the wrong kind of question. If gaming were seen as an art, the important question would be not whether games are good for us, but whether they are good, full stop.

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Veronica Belmont3622d ago

You just have to look at games such as Shaddow of the Colossus or MGS4, they may be games but they are definitly pieces of art too, and a hell of alot more artistic than some of this modern art rubish, I mean how can you call a few random splashes of paint art which took no skill to make, yet games that evoke emotions and look beautiful and took lots of skilled people years to make are not considered art? Messed up if you ask me.

shadowghost7523622d ago

I agree with modern art, it sucks. Damien Hurst is the biggest joke of an artist i have ever seen.
I thought that Ico was quite artistic aswell.

Product3621d ago

Art takes talent.Period.
also i find it funny how without art genres and art eras then there wouldnt be a SotC or Bioshock seeing as how they use past art styles for their games.
Art movements come first,after that people weather they work on games or movies come and put their own spin on those art movements..
Without art movements most people(painters,movie makers,and game makers) would have no reference to work from.

HighDefinition3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Is more "ARTFULL" that most ART.

I`ve actually been thinking about taking/getting a Screenshot from the game and getting someone to make a massive painting out of it, for my living room.

WitWolfy3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

i loved the curse of monkey island that screenshot just makes me miss the series even more, i wish lucas arts will stop with the star wars crap for a while and make another Monkey Island game :) now that was artsy.. and funny at the same time :)

rekonizakilla3622d ago

most, if not all games have art directors, try telling Aaron Garbut of rockstar north that his game isn't art or Yu Suzuki the creator of shenmue and almost every other sega game that his games aren't art.
I have heard loads of silly definitions of art and I'm still not sure exactly what art is yet.In my opinion if it gets you thinking and it looks impressive then it is art,gta is art.

LinuxGuru3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Yes of course!

As long as stories in games continue to grow and evolve, and they include more drama, action, romance, suspense, horror, etc. then people will consider it another art form alongside movies.

And of course, if not with story, art direction nowadays is pretty in-depth, with some devs creating entire new worlds and people and culture.

I'd say it's art. They're creating something that wasn't there before, with a creative goal in mind.

It's art!

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