Peter Moore Interview: Part Three

From The Guardian: Yesterday, we followed Moore from Dreamcast to Xbox 360. Today, there's more from the Microsoft years, including a damning indictment of UK developer, Rare. And what does the rest of Microsoft really think of the Xbox business?

So during your reign at Xbox, how hands on were you, at a creative level?
I ran the entire business – everything reported to me. So I would go from meetings with McCann Erickson who did the Standoff spot, into an Xbox Live retention meeting to a financial commitments meeting looking at the quarterly numbers – it was a complicated yet exhilarating time, we were trying to pull all of these pieces together. And the [profit and loss forecasts] of what we were doing would absolutely make your hair curl.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3595d ago

OH!!! NOOOOOO!!! ;-D
That photo has been used to much on this the last few days, his Face is Fading out!!! ;-D

'So during your reign at Xbox, how hands on were you, at a creative level?'
'I ran the entire business'
Hmm...and 'EA' still gave him a Job??? ;-D

Winter47th3595d ago

The dude sure likes to talk a lot.

ericnellie3594d ago

I don't think he was the guy asking the questions;)

What ever happened to J. Allard? If he's still working with the Zune - good luck with that;) LOL!

deeznuts3594d ago

YEah but he's the one answering them. Duh! I don't think the interviewer is stalking him forcing him to ask questions ...

RealityCheck3595d ago

So I guess Peter Moore will be the head of the new EA - Microsoft joint venture for their next gaming console? Just speculation from my part.