Worthplaying Preview: Wipeout HD

It's been a while since the wipEout series has hit the big screen in a notable way. Both wipEout Pure and wipEout Pulse were released as PSP exclusives, and the PS2 outing, wipEout Fusion, was less than stellar. For its PlayStation 3 debut, the series is returning to the well by pulling tracks and music from the two PSP titles rather than bringing us all new content. We had a chance to spend an evening with the game earlier this week in order to see how well everything scaled up from the small screen to the full 1080p of our HD display.

The first thing you notice about wipEout HD is the rather Spartan menu system. Reminiscent of wipEout 3's menu, everything is cleanly drawn with geometric shapes and liberal amounts of white and grey. Ships and track trophies are the only items of note in full color. Also noticeable is the lovely EULA, which you must agree to before play. We're not quite sure why PSN games need EULAs while Xbox Live Arcade games don't. Someone at Sony must be in love with the legalese.

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