5 Games We Want On Nintendo Switch

BagoGames: The Nintendo Switch is going to be fully revealed tomorrow at 8 p.m. PST and we can’t wait to hear about what is in store. However, there are some games we’re hoping they’ll announce during the event or in the very near future.

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Summons75705d ago

Sadly Persona 5 won't happen...maybe Persona 5 golden? But why Eternal Darkness 2, every time they've tried to bring that sequel back to life nobody backs them and then mocks them, then begs for the sequel...I'd be cool but the least we could maybe get is the Gamecube VC. Mario Sunshine 2 would be amazing!

jokerman27705d ago

Why would Nintendo get the copyright back then? I think they may develop the title themselves, not go to Silicon Knights, they're dead in the water. Maybe put the Luigi's Mansion team on it!

LevyMcGarden705d ago

Looking forward to awsome JRPGs on the Switch and possibly a Kingdom Hearts game!

jokerman27705d ago

More Bravely! Or Fire Emblem!

Jurat704d ago

a Monster Hunter installment would benefit from a decent analogue control scheme.