Judd teases Capcom's TGS 'ace' with single word: Bonus

Capcom's Ben Judd has given a one word tease for the Japanese company's planned "ace up its sleeve" Tokyo Game Show announcement in October: "Bonus".

Speaking to, Judd, who is the producer on the upcoming 3D Xbox 360, PS3 and PC Bionic Commando as well as the already released downloadable Xbox LIVE, PSN and PC remix of the original NES classic, said that once the announcement is made gamers will go: "'oooooh'".

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Silogon3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

It's got something to do with Strider, Final Fight or maybe Ghouls n' ghost. I say this cos of the poll he had people take a while back. Gun Smoke was what I had dropped in their ear.

Wildarmsjecht3738d ago

maybe a new Ace Attorney game? I wouldn't put it past them..those games are awesome.

gaffyh3738d ago

I just want a new Onimusha from Capcom, but I doubt it's that :(