Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Troment announced for Nintendo Switch

Happy New Year, loam lords! This year we have big plans for Shovel Knight! There’s a lot of news, so let’s dig in! Announcement time!

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will be released for Nintendo Switch!

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CocoaBrother468d ago

Awesome news. Will definitely pick it up to go along my Wii U and Vita copies.

NukaCola468d ago (Edited 467d ago )

So if we own Shovel Knight, we get these new updates to include new characters, battle mode, co-op, the new campaign and the specter sequel all for free? Can I get a full explanation please.?

Thanks below, I am still confused but I do hope that I get everything since owning the original game

CocoaBrother467d ago

I wish I could tell you but I'm not entirely sure either how it works. With how the previous DLC worked, they just updated everyone's games to have them. They may do something similar with these

rjason12467d ago

It looks to be yes, because they stated that buying the game before the price increase ensures to get the new upcoming dlc.

GamingSinceThe80s467d ago

How did you download Plauge knight on the Wii U?Even though I own SN I can't find or get it on the E shop.Am I missing something?

rjason12467d ago

Mine automatically downloaded when it was released.

EddieNX 468d ago

Thats a huge indie announcement for Switch, it seems the console is going to be perfectly supported by indie devs.

deafdani468d ago

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Nintendo has been on excellent terms with indie devs for years now. The eShops for both 3DS and Wii U are filled to the brim with indie games.

FallenAngel1984468d ago

Well I was goIng to continue waiting for Shovel Knight to get a discount on PSN, but hearing that they'll increase the price this spring makes me think that isn't going to happen.

Looks like I'll have to take the plunge. I just hope Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove content is also available on PS3 cuz I didn't see it listed in that article.

deafdani468d ago

Take the plunge already. Shovel Knight is a lot of bang for your buck at your current price because it includes the Plague of Shadows expansion for free (and it's even better than the original game, IMO).

And yes, all the content will come out on PS3. Look at the FAQ (third question):

3-4-5468d ago

I finally need to play this game. I'll get it for Switch.

TWB468d ago

That coop update sounds pretty tasty too.

LIGATURE468d ago

Is switch guna hve enuff ram for shovel knight >.>