Phil Spencer Talks Differences Between Scorpio and PC, Scalebound Cancellation and Taking Risks

Today Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to respond to a few questions from the fans, as he often does.

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SpaceRanger527d ago

Phil is honestly the only one with sense and honesty. Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson have ignored all of this, but will probably bring up useless "total gaming hours" stats by the end of the month.

My favorite portion of Spencer's tweets is one that I've been trying to get Xbox Fanboys to understand since...well forever...

I said it last gen and I'll say it again. Investing in top notch indies and having exclusives will always matter.

whitesoxfalife1976527d ago

only thing i dont like is that the fact phil gotta keep explaining word by word to these users over there on twitter.
It was never bad like this last gen. I know everybody is open on these platforms but really some these KATS that be questioning arent questioning just stealth trolling getting him to bite and then come with they're agenda Like he is lying 24/7.....

Of course you not gonna a full direct answer and why shud you for so you can turn around and make 250-400 word article of actually twisting what he is saying feeding it us gamers as truth.....

We as gamers need to really understand what really goes on from an industry p.o.v. not as an consumer....

TFJWM526d ago

Spencer was head of MS studios before becoming head of all of xbox. All of their recent IP problems have happened during his watch. He has had a role in all of these deals and failing games yet since he is a great PR person people seem to just overlook it all.

j15reed527d ago

I feel like of course you can always have more games, but I'm good with my Xbox backlog is crazy right now. Its all these other people that seem to have issue with everything MS does.

Lonnie18526d ago

What backlog, they need to focus on new ip's not bc!

SpaceRanger526d ago

What's your backlog? Other than multiplats?

lastking95526d ago

Exactly those ppl complaining arent even interested in xbox. My back log is huge

XanderZane526d ago

My backlog isn't huge, but I still need to finish Tomb Raider, Gears 4, FH3, Van Helsing and a bunch of other B/C games. I started playing World of Final Fantasy & The Last Guardian and that side tracked me.

TheDivine526d ago

Lonnie what backlog is there on PS4? Bloodbourne and Uncharted? The only two ps games worth a heck thus far?

What about on WiiU? Bayanetta and Xenoblade X? Maybe Tropical Freeze and Wonderful 101?

Both Xbox and PS rely on indies and third parties. Nintendo relies on only Nintendo. PS finally is getting rolling next year (And its a doozy) but as of right now Xbone has it beat with great exclusives. Not sure how Gears 4, Fora Horizon 3, Recore, Quantum Beak, Dead Rising 4 and Halo Wars 2 all releasing in a year is anything but killer. Throw in BC games, third party games, and older exclusives and it was the best Xbone year and I have a backlog for sure. Just my opinion though. Bloodbourne and Uncharted have been the only exclusives I really loved on PS4. Star Ocean 5 was great as a long term fan of the series but not a lot else. Nioh and Persona 5 are hype though.

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aconnellan526d ago

What do you mean you've been trying to get Xbox Fanboys to understand that forever?

The Tweet says: "Apologies but this isn't how games get built. There isn't a pour in $X and get game. Much more iterative and organic than that."

For the last 2 days, all I've seen on this site is "Stupid Microsoft should have stepped in more and provided more support and more money", with other more sensible people countering that more money may not have saved Scalebound.

At the end of the day, every game made is a business decision and transaction, whether we like to think that or not. Developers and Publishers need to earn their money back - it's a case of "Scalebound will take 'x' amount of money to make, 'y' amount of time, and based on that should generate 'z' amount of revenue. The longer it takes to make (delays, setbacks, more required resources), the more money has to be poured in, which reduces the amount of money to be made upon release.

It looks to me like what happened was a case of Microsoft and Platinum Games coming to the decision that, after numerous delays and missed milestones, it would be less of a loss to cancel Scalebound now than to pour God-knows how much more money into it to get it finished.

Also, get that 'Xbox Fanboy' crap out of here

rainslacker526d ago (Edited 526d ago )

I'd like him better if he explained why the game was cancelled. Saying it's an organic process means nothing to those who were expecting the game or brought the console with the hope of playing this game, nor does it explain why it's good for us consumers that we can not actually play this game due to MS decision. Nothing is said about what came of this cancellation, and all I can see is that we've had a game taken away from potential games to play on the system.

In one tweet he indicated that 1st party studios are critical, yet hasn't explained why under his leadership, not a single 1st party studio has been procured or made from the ground up since he took over, nor given any indication if that's even happening. No ancillary evidence suggest that MS is actually trying to procure or make any 1st party studios.

To date, we haven't seen where this idea that that MS wanted an UC level game(the reason they brought ROTTR exclusive rights) will come to fruition, because MS doesn't have the studios to make it.

So many things Phil says MS needs, or that he wants to do, but so few things he's actually achieved.

I'd actually like someone to name one thing he has promised, or said MS needs, that has come to fruition,or looks to be coming soon, that he likely had some direct control over. Don't say BC, because that happened too soon after he took over for him to be the driving force behind it.

As far as promised games, and lineup hype, I understand that he hasn't been in charge long enough to see what's coming from the efforts to provide new IP's and more games, so I'll give him time on that. Hopefully this year will show some appreciable results.

But, looking at all the things that have happened under his reign, I can't actually say I can 100% credit him with any of them, because they all likely started before he took over.

Phil talks a good game. I believe he means what he says, and likely wants to achieve great things for Xbox. I just don't think he's currently succeeding, or at least, that vision hasn't actually come anywhere close to fruition yet. Whatever it is he's trying to do, can't actually be seen yet....we just kind of know about it because he likes to say nice things to keep people happy.

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maybelovehate527d ago

I do hope they will bring the Xbox Interface to PC. Implement it like Steam Big Picture mode. Scorpio sounds nice and all but there is no way it will match my PC's performance, I just want a better interface for gaming and entertainment on the couch using my Windows 10 box.

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