The 10 Essential Xbox One Games

Now that the Xbox One has been available for 3 years now, the console has accrued quite a library to sift through for those looking to jump into Microsoft’s camp either as someone brand new to gaming or someone just brand new to Xbox One. These are 10 games handpicked by our editors that are essential for Xbox One owners.

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DaveO_TZR404d ago

Hey guys, if you have any questions or comments about the list feel free to reply to my comment here and I'll try to get to them as soon as I can!

- Dave Ortuso

EddieNX 404d ago

Quantum Break and Ori And The Blind Forest should be on there. I just upgraded to XB1S and a 4K HDR TV yesterday ;)

DaveO_TZR404d ago

Didn't play Ori yet, want to though, the game looks great. Played Quantum Break, was not a fan.

EddieNX 404d ago

I thought Quantum break was really good! I want to see more games with built in TV shows!.!!! It gets an 8.5 from me. Ori and the blind forest is near enough flawless, must play.

darthv72404d ago (Edited 404d ago )

Personally I'd replace the Master Chief collection with something else. No offense but I have those on 360 so it's not one I'm too worried about getting. Ryse is a good game and same with Sunset Overdrive. I could say the same about rare replay but that one I don't have many of those games so it is one I do plan on getting. Especially for the classics like conker and battle toads.

Nyxus404d ago

Yeah Sunset Overdrive deserves some appreciation.

DaveO_TZR404d ago

No joke, I went back and forth with Sunset Overdrive and Halo MCC for a while. I think what did it for me is that I wrote the list to include people buying their very first console, meaning they didn't own a 360 and didn't play the older Halo games. Sunset would be my number 11. Fantastic gameplay and aesthetic but the story/dialogue was super cringy at times and kind of brought the experience down for me.