What Happened To Deep Down?

Emergence at Fextralife writes, "Deep Down. The mention of the name is beginning to take on the mystical air of games like Duke Nukem which languished in development hell with barely a murmur of an update on their progress. A game that once held so much promise has receded into the woodwork, and only the staunchest of hopeful fans have wondered about the fate of what was supposed to be a PS4 exclusive launch title. With 4 years gone by, what has happened to this once promising RPG? Let’s visit with the ghost of development past and see what time has done to Capcom’s Deep Down."

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Sunny_D466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Because Sony isn't the developer OR the publisher unlike another game?


Please, go ahead and tell us how Sony should do something about this 3rd party developed and published game? You must be so knowledgeable.

Dan_scruggs466d ago

This site doesn't blame Sony for anything.

oasdada466d ago

Wasnt thier flagship title. And even if its canceled they still have a LOT to offer

rocketpanda466d ago

Because Capcom is the publisher and developer of the title you numpty.

ShinMaster466d ago

@Dan_scruggs and @343_Guilty_Spark
are the type of people here who think N4G is run by Sony fanboys.

game4funz465d ago

Cuz why would sony have anything to do with a game coming exclusively to their console.
... its not popular to blame sony for much of anything.

Take Guerilla cambridge closing for instance...go visit that article and tell me if you find anything at all like what you find in the scalebound cancellation.

People here value games more then an entire studio it seems.

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darthv72467d ago

Capcom probably wants to finish this game but 'deep down' Sony wanted a bigger exclusive so they footed the bill for SFV in the mean time.

Relientk77467d ago

I hope this game is still being made

fenome467d ago

Same here, hopefully they scrapped the free to play model and that's what's taking so long. It seemed like it had a lot of potential. Maybe we'll see it again overhauled at E3, that would be cool.

nitus10466d ago

Personally I don't mind microtransactions on a free to play game since that is a means of covering expenses. Where I draw the line is when microtransactions become pay to win and when that happens I usually delete the game.

fenome465d ago


I don't mind micro transactions on free to play models either, they need to get paid for their work, it all just depends on how they're implemented. I've spent a some money on a couple of free to play games on stuff I didn't even really need just to show support for the developers.

This game seem s like it could just be a regular full game without the free to play aspect though, it looked pretty good from what I saw.

Mister_G466d ago

Agreed. It looks similar to Dark Souls in some ways, which is a good thing for me being a big 'Souls fan :)

Fextralife466d ago

The armors looked very similar indeed!

rezzah465d ago

I doubt it'll leave Japan if it is ever released.

blu3_puls3466d ago

Even if it does released, I don't think it will be very good. We know very little details about it, and it is by Capcom. My expectations for this is pretty low since we don't know what it will play like. Wouldn't surprise me if it were canned.

Angeljuice466d ago

I hope not, it's still one of my most anticipated titles for PS4. I want this game.

game4funz465d ago

Wow. youre very faithful to a game we havent seen in quite a while.
My condolences.

466d ago
tyasia0466d ago

Man Microsoft has really opened the checkbook to get these no name sites writing these articles trying to downplay or shift the focus away from Scalebound

Sunny_D466d ago

Actually No. This is actually a valid question. What HAS happened to Deep Down? It's been 2 whole years since we last heard ANYTHING about it. I was interested in the game myself so I rather not have it become vaporware.

RpgSama466d ago

If I had to guess, they scrapped their ideas of making the game a Free-To-Play title and instead went full into production of a normal $60 release.

Liqu1d466d ago

They were having issues with the new hardware at the time, then they decided to expand the project or something, then Dragon's Dogma Online became the focus. Hopefully it still releases, a western DDO release would also be nice.

rainslacker465d ago

Didn't capcom say they were going back to redesign the game and would have something to show later?

Of course, Capcom has been having financial trouble, so it's possible that it's been axed. So I guess the question is valid. But I haven't really seen people clamoring for it every day, week, or even month. It just gets the occassional, "Oh yeah, whatever happened to it?".

Fextralife466d ago

We've been tracking deep down since it's inception... we're just wondering where the hell it has gone. Nothing to do with MS, we had a "noooo Scalebound cancelled" article too.

Kiwi66466d ago (Edited 466d ago )

Or maybe people just want any new info about how the game is coming along

game4funz465d ago

Actually. Its the beginning of the new year. The bad news start fresh before E3 comes along with good news.

I am glad MS announced its cancellation at the beginning of the year instead of closer to e3 or after e3. That wouldve sucked even more.

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