Two new videos of Disaster: Day of Crisis

Two new videos of Disaster: Day of Crisis have been released.

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TruthbeTold3715d ago

The more I see of this game, the more fun it looks.

jedistev3715d ago

I dont know if i should play or watch movie

it's really look great!!! forgive me for wet my pant :-P

kesvalk3715d ago

appears to be good, hope i am right...

Maxned3715d ago

This looks great! Finally, a hardcore game that looks good. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT, NINTENDO. Go to 0:41 for some awesome shooting gameplay in the second video.

I don't understand Japanese, but it looks like theres an upgrading system for weapons.

And I think the voice-actor for Ray is the same person for Leon from Resident Evil.

TheColbertinator3715d ago

Disaster looks great.It came out of nowhere and its already playable.Nice work Nintendo/Monolith

ChickeyCantor3715d ago

Actually it was already known, it was suppose to be a Launch title.

TheColbertinator3715d ago

I did'nt know that.I guess it was delayed for too long,it fell off my radar

ChickeyCantor3715d ago

Yeah, Nintendo is seriously not talking about their games any more.
Even Wii sports was shown when miyamoto was on stage conducting an orchestra of miis.
But after that we didn't hear anything from it until recently.

This game got delayed because of Quality issues...Thats Nintendo for ya XD

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The story is too old to be commented.