Smite Rivals feels like a Clash Royale rip-off

Hi-Rez Studios is ready to launch their new game "Smite Rivals" and it already feels like the game is a "rip-off" of Supercell's "Clash Royale".

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Derceto315d ago

... and Clash Royale was a rip-off of..... and that was a rip-off of......

Ickythump31315d ago

who actually gives a flying f* about these games

PolishWingedHussar315d ago

Every mobile game I see nowadays is a freemium Clash re-skin.

irishyort315d ago

Looks good for this style of game. If they do it right, will knock off Royale. Royale and it's little troll s%$ts is quite annoying for a game that is a good pvp tower defense game