Nintendo Switch: The End of Nintendo’s Legacy

Nintendo Switch launches in March 2017, and it might be Nintendo's last console and the end of a legacy.

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NukaCola524d ago

The Bloggers Bud.. It is a stupid drug that stupid kids use when they write stupid articles. It is something journalists with college degrees, ethics, and experience don't use.

MrBrofist522d ago

Im guessing either meth or crack....yeah definitely crack

Neonridr524d ago

why would it be their last?

Herbalistic524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Nintendo aren't going any where though.They produce tons of quality software but just need to catch up to modern times in terms of hardware/online features.

InTheZoneAC524d ago (Edited 524d ago )

Nintendo isn't...

but it's ok to disagree if you're compelled to deflect rather than accept. I've been corrected a few times on the internet and I made sure to not make the same mistake. Not because I care what people think, but because I know it's right. So disagree all you want...

gbsrnctaln524d ago

Amen. God this mistake drives me nuts!

rbailey524d ago

As a longtime Nintendo fan, even I will admit the company has lost their way over the last several years. I'm hopeful that the switch will do well but I also remain skeptical because of the bad business practices and out of touch behavior that the company has. For now I'll give them a chance but if I'm disappointed by that reveal tomorrow I'll def have a lot to say lol

Herbalistic524d ago

I'm skeptical myself and will take a wait and see approach when it comes to Switch.I just hope Nintendo makes the modern jump and not allow themselves to be stuck in time.

EddieNX 524d ago

The Switch looks to of ticked all the right boxes though. Its way sleeker and more up to date than Wii,DS or 3DS,Wiiu were.

InTheZoneAC524d ago

3 people believe you're not a fan that believes the company has always found their way over the last several years and that you're not hopeful it'll do well because of their in touch with their consumers business. And they believe you won't give them a chance and have no chance of being disappointed by the reveal tomorrow...

EddieNX 524d ago

The Switch is the future of Nintendo! I see it going the way of the IPad or IPhone in terms of new iterations just being upgrades. Ten years from now well be playing the Switch 4S or something like that ;)

Combine 3DS and Wiiu take away the gimmicks, increase the power and you have a Switch.
Ironically take a piece of dog poop and combine it with some vomit and you get this article.

gbsrnctaln524d ago

Somebody doesn't understand irony lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.