Final Fantasy VII Remake: What Has to Stay the Exact Same

We know that Final Fantasy VII Remake won't be the exact same game, not least of all because it will be released in episodes. There are some things from the original that can't be touched, though. Little things, like the Golden Saucer and all of its wonderful mini games. What else do you want intact in the remake? See our full list at WWG.

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Relientk77468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Turn based battle system

Or give us the option to fight battles turn based or realtime, and we can choose

MatthewFace467d ago

There's NO way the turn-based battle system will be there. We've already seen some combat in a trailer. Maybe they'll add in a traditional mode or something, but it's looking more like an action game. Like Type-0

kalkano468d ago

The genre. it has already failed...

*waits for someone to scream "it's still an RPG!"*


LightofDarkness467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Turn-based != RPG

You continue to purport fundamentally flawed logic. Just admit you're wrong and stop bothering people.

FFVII was a turn-based RPG. There are also turn-based strategy games. Is Civilization in the same genre as Final Fantasy VII? No? If you can't see why you're reasoning is flawed then perhaps seek medical attention, because your thinker is on the way out.

FFVII remake will still have levels, stats, equipment, materia and highly customisable characters. It is an RPG with an action based combat system. Like Kingdom Hearts but deeper, or many other modern RPGs. They've even said that the game won't be entirely action based, that some semblance of ATB will make it in. You are free to move around the field at will, however.

What you are saying is not protected by difference of opinion. You are wrong. Your "opinion" is poorly constructed and ill-informed, as demonstrated here and elsewhere. Either accept that and move on or admit that your problem has more to do with you being a whiny child who hates change.

kalkano467d ago

"It is an RPG with an action based combat system."

Bingo. Action RPG. Changed genres. Next witness.

LightofDarkness467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

Never said it was an action RPG, you're putting words in my mouth. Straw men are so easily defeated, eh?

No, it's an RPG. Turn based is a gameplay mechanic. You've been told this enough times to know the difference. And you don't know the details of the combat system any more than anyone else does. Now stop pretending that your argument is based in logic and accept that you are simply throwing your toys out of the pram because it's not exactly the same as the old one.

More to this, and throwing you a bone, why is this even a problem? You know as much about it as anyone else, which is to say, eff all. Give one well reasoned argument as to why this presents a major problem with the game that isn't "I don't like new things or action based combat." Don't like that action combat? Too bad, go play FFVII. This isn't the game for you. Stop moaning.

NapalmSanctuary467d ago

"No, it's an RPG. Turn based is a gameplay mechanic. You've been told this enough times to know the difference."

You speak as if gameplay isn't the defining factor where game genres are concerned. The simple fact is that there are multiple RPG genres, and you'd have to be insanely obtuse to deny that.

kalkano467d ago

You can spout BS as much as you want. It's still BS. If you want to downplay the genre-shift, because it doesn't bother you, that's on you. I'm not going to lie in order to appease people like you.

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MatthewFace467d ago

Haha, that was literally the FIRST thing I mentioned in the article. Never forget the Honey Bee Inn.

ShinnokDrako467d ago (Edited 467d ago )

People love FF VII. On the store (at least here in Italy) it's one of the most voted. And it's the old, good original! So... why instead of making it better they're trying to change everything? They've already released the action RPG they wanted, and it was FF XV. What's so bad in releasing a game that a lot of people love with better graphics, more content (extra content), extra story part (without changing the original)? Not talking about being episodic, that's the minor problem for me. Does it really need to change the ATB/tun based system to be modern? Because i know a lot of turn based games that came out and they're great (World of FF is one of them) and they don't feel old at all.
But it seems it's becoming something like FF VII-2 and everytime i see the news i get worried.
Who knows, maybe in the end it's going to be awesome and surpassed the original. I doubt it tho...

P.S. Please SE, i want a remake/remaster of FF Tactics :(

kalkano467d ago

"Does it really need to change the ATB/tun based system to be modern?"

I think the answer is yes. But, that's not what they're doing. They need to make it modern, but instead, they're changing it into an ARPG.

Goldby467d ago

Some would say that is modern.

Got a generation of gamers that are gi en loot boxes and level ups every 2 minutes incase to satisfy their constant need for recognition and reward comes a combat system desigbed to reward the player immediately,

Rpgs arent based on the combat system used. Ad there are some turn based card games. Are those RPGs? Nope. What about turn based football games, are thise rpgs. Nope. What about turn based strategy games. Are the rpgs nope.

Rpgs incase you didnt knie stands for Role Playing Games. Ie where you envision how the mai. Character is, how powerful based off stats they have and ehat their moral code is. Not who attacks first.

kalkano467d ago


Not sure what the point of that rant was...

1) RPG has become a pretty meaningless term, and there's an argument that pretty much all games are now RPGs. Saying a game is an RPG doesn't really tell you anything about it.

2) The tastes of the next generation of gamers is both overblown and forced. They are gamers that are fed the exact same type of game over and over. People in that generation who don't like that sort of thing don't become gamers in the first place. This is why console sales are declining gen-by-gen.

3) If you say that action is more modern than turn-based, you are factually incorrect. They both originated in the 1970's.

kevnb467d ago

ya they are going to "improve" it real good.

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