9 New Screens for Sonic Unleashed on the Wii

slashgamer has 9 screens for Sega's version of the Sonic Unleashed game for the Nintendo Wii. Even though the game will be running on a different engine than the PS3 and Xbox 360 version, it's still shaping up quite nice.

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kesvalk3737d ago

i don't like this wherehog thing...

i would like if the entire game was sidescrolling and with normal sonic only...

RemmM3737d ago

It looks like Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast but with more special effects.

TheROsingleB3737d ago

Blegh, I guess I've grown out of Sonic, is this suppose to be like Devil May Cry with its combo hit system?? Stretchy arms as a werehog? what the heck is all this nonsense :(

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

"what the heck is all this nonsense :( "

MRIBNthewind3737d ago

WOW! I knew this game would be major suckage but....Damn, this just looks down right horrible! The developers for this game need to be slapped and fired!

ChickeyCantor3737d ago

Don't over react, it doesn't look horrible.
Kinda funny coming from some one with such an avatar xD

chanmasta3737d ago

... "Kinda funny coming from some one with such an avatar xD"

LMAO!!!! xD

Final_Rpg3737d ago

I think this version will be the best of the 3. Why? Not graphically, but in terms of keeping a consistent frame rate the wii should have the most success. Sonic's more a game where gameplay is more important than visuals. Though I prefer both to go hand in hand I'd rather a solid game than a broken ass one that will come to the 360/PS3.

I pray I'm proven wrong, I'd love to see a sonic of this gen that's actually worthy of the franchise. But the werehog isn't keeping my hopes up surprisingly *rolls eyes*.

You never know, the werehog scenes might be playable. Thats all I'm hoping for in that area. But for that to be acceptable the day time levels would have to excel past my expectations.

C'mon Sonic! Give a reason for fans to respect you again under the leash of Sega. I say that because Sonic has been in a good game recently, Brawl. Starts to make me wish they'd hand him over to Nintendo. But then we'd never see a version of Sonic on the more powerful consoles. Which would suck ass for me, I likes my games looking pretty.

Well Sonic, prove me wrong.

kingme713737d ago

My son might enjoy this. Not sure how kid friendly it will be.