Bloodborne Sequel And Several Others Might Be The Unannounced Titles That Shuhei Yoshida Referred To

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida said that their were a number of different titles in development for PS4

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Moonman431d ago

That man said a great number of titles. Watch out.

isarai431d ago

Sucker Punch has been working on a new ip for almost 3 years now. To me that's like a dormant super volcano just building energy to devastate

MrSec84430d ago

It's assumed the game Sucker Punch are working on is a new IP, it could be that they are or maybe they've done a complete fresh take on Infamous and there's the possibility they could have been handed the reigns of an established IP created by another studio that they felt they could do something cool with.

Hopefully we'll see it at E3.

20live430d ago

my guess is they have a new inFamous title in the works

isarai430d ago

Shuhei himself stated it was a new IP on an episode of podcast beyond back when colin and greg still hosted it

MrSec84429d ago

No Shuhei never explicitly stated they're working on a new IP, he's described the process of developing their new game in the same stages of development as Bend's game back at PSX 2015, but since he's always said "game" and not "New" IP it can't be stated that Sucker Punch's project is definitely a new IP.

Bend were stated explicitly to be working on a new IP before Days Gone was officially announced, no one at either Sony or SP has officially confirmed what the studio are up to, just that their new game was starting to become something good.

BlakHavoc430d ago

SP and bloodborne 2 will be announced at e3, and I think we'll get updates on GoW, Days Gone, Detroit, Dreams, GT Sport, and Spider-Man. Also expect a new wave of games for VR.

Gaming_Cousin430d ago

Are you taking over Michael Pachters job?

BlakHavoc430d ago

Lol no cousin...I AM Michael Patcher *vader voice*

Fishy Fingers430d ago

I mean, we can all guess as well as the author of the article as to what we think (hope) they might be.

I'm sure there will be some big titles in there but the odds are just as good that it's a bunch of VR 'experiences'. Just have to wait and see.

WelkinCole430d ago

I assumed that the next game from Form would be another blood borne type game but multi like it was from Demon souls to Dark Souls.

However given how dominant the PS4 is this gen. I think there might actually be a BB2 for PS4.

Hope there is one.

Fishy Fingers430d ago

They've already said they have no plans to continue the Bloodbourne or Souls franchises.

Of course we've heard similar things from devs in the passed which didn't turn out to be not exactly truthful but I'd say the odds are slim.

Wallstreet37430d ago

With how well Bloodborne sold (3 million plus on one platform) odds are not slim. A new IP that sells that good you just don't ignore, plus it has a solid following and ppl anxiously waiting for acsequel.

Fishy Fingers430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Don't shout the messager dude, I'm just relaying the info. I won't post the quotes to save space but it's all covered there, straight from the horses mouth.

Unless you know something the studio lead doesn't.

SlightlyRetarted430d ago

That was over a year ago. Miyazaki may have nothing to do with it, but a split development with Sony Japan (like Demon's Souls and Bloodborne) could be happening. From Software is working on 3 titles right now, so it's not impossible.

SilverDemon430d ago

Fromsoft confirmed that they are not working on bb2 or ds4 BUT they are working on a new "dark fantasy" game,armored core game and completely new game that people will say: what is this thng that miyazaki made?(his own words) those are the 3 games
so no BB2 .HOWEVER, its most likely that sony japan studio will make the sequel since the co-developed it and they own the IP not to mention bloodborne official facebook page accidentally said" bloodborne2 is already in development" when a fan asked why did they made a DLC(the old hunters) instead of a sequal back in 2015

TWB429d ago

It would be suicidal to make a Bloodborne 2 (note, that even the story has gone full circle. Theres no definitive cliffhangers or continue points to the plot) without its lead designer, and Im pretty sure Sony knows this.

That Facebook page was also pretty much confirmed a fanpage/administered by an unrelated third party (based on some of the other very fanboyish/amateurish posting), so their word is just as reliable as any fans on a forum who says they are sure theres going to be a sequel.

Really, Miyazakis quote is the only reliable confirmation about Bloodbornes continuation at this point. From still has the publishing rights to Bloodborne in Japan IIRC too, so its not all up to Sony.

SilverDemon429d ago (Edited 429d ago )

No, sony fully owns Bloodborne and can continue with out fromsoft
Souls games are about the lore not the story of your personal character
There is a lot of questions not answered like:who where did the great ones came from
Who is Queen yarnam
Who was the vileblood hunter of hunters
Why maria is protecting the orphan
What is the last ruin(the 13th i believe) on the clock that we don't see anywhere else
Why is the vile blood Queen is the only one left?
And most importantly, why does the doll's finger twitch?

TWB429d ago

Ahh, it does appear that they didnt even publish BB in Japan. I got an impression that they did, since they have published Demons Souls and the whole Dark Souls series in Japan, while other publishers took care of rest of the world.

Still... If someone else than Miyazaki does a BB sequel, my expectation would be literally zero. Its already hard to imagine a sequel lore/plot wise, but to get that from someone else who did not create the world would be borderline blasphemous.

None of the "loose ends" you listed would warrant a sequel. Thats like, asking "where did the Stone Dragons come from?" or "What is the First Flame?" in Dark Souls, and some your points are there for interpretation. Like Dolls finger, or Marias "sense of duty". Bloody Crow of Cainhurst is a rogue (not only a mad hunter), and there was nice brainstorming about him in the Reddit some time ago. Old Ones are beings from "a higher plane", so think something like cosmic gods, but who have no business with human kind/its creation. These planes are pretty well explained with the different dream layers (Hunters Nightmare, Fishing Hamlet, Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis). Dark Souls universe has whole lands that we never got to see, but hear being mentioned quite often, yet we are never going to see a game placed in those locations.

Over half of your points are like standard From Software lore stuff. Left ambiguous/unexplained on purpose.

Theres simply no other reason to go back there, except milk more money. The only way to continue the plot, is to take off after the third ending in BB, but even that would be pushing it since no notable conflict exists, nor was raised in the ending. You would have to make up something new, to the point that a new game/IP would be more wise.

Unless... You want to butcher the players choice at the end of Bloodborne, and just default that "ohh, the previous hunter chose either ending 1 or 2, which is why you are on for a redo!", which is what basicaly happened with Dark Souls, and the endless cycle of Flame. This would be exactly what I would hate to see happen with Bloodborne. Dark Souls 1's story is fantastic and depressing if you look at it as a single piece of work, but if you consider the whole trilogy, you will meet a whole bunch of inconsistencies, player decisions that are made void by the next installment, and even some retconing.

SilverDemon428d ago

stone dragons are undead who turned to dragons by the end of the previous fire age (the dudes that are becoming trees in ds3) the first flame is the embers of souls of the lords from previous fire age

the fire keeper says that a tiny flame will dance across the darkness again which means the first flame isnt really the first, its a never ending cycle of dark and fire age (but londor church want to freeze the cycle between the 2 ages)

some question we think we answered them but we might be wrong (like with the first born)

also, it doesnt need to continue the story (like ds2) it can take place in another city near yarnama that the blood church sent someone to teach them the blood healing and that person is a crazy man (like Micolash) who want to sacrifice the people of the city for the great ones (slimier to mozgus from berserk)

^do you think that will work?

TWB424d ago

I mean, I didnt need an anwser to my "questions" about Dark Souls, but Im not 100% sold on your explanations. I have read about them before, but they do feel somewhat far fetched (at least the explanation about dragons), but if that really is the truth, then it just sort of proves my point about why Bloodborne 2 could go badly. The first mistake DaS2 did was to continue the story, and the problem DaS3 keeps exacerbating. In the context of Dark Souls 1, it all worked great and its story IMO can compare to BBs (but only when considering DaS1 in its own little microcosm)., but now they feel the need to retcon this shit with Dark Souls 3, when Dark Souls 2 introduced the concept of cycles. Its not even that some of this stuff had to be retconed, but they did anyways. Dark Souls series had a good opportunity to do a trilogy without messing with the legacy/story/lore or the choices the player made in the first game. They could have done a "theoretical sequel" of the each ending (prolong flame vs ending it) with DaS2 and 3.

I dont think that your idea is a good one for the sequel. We have supposedly slayed many of the major Great Ones in the first game, and now our player hunter is supposed to be the "prime" Great One, overseeing and guiding humanity into the new future. I think it would be ridiculous to play in a offshoot city with basicly the same familiar issue, while we know that a grander plan has already been set in motion. They could make the sequel about that future, but I think it would feel incredibly hamfisted and forced, since they would need to make up new conflict, new settings and such without it breaking any rules or interfering with the original games lore/world. Basicly feeling like a sequel that had to make stuff up for the sake of being a sequel.

I think its just for the best if they make another series completely, which will improve on Bloodbornes gameplay, but is set in a whole new setting with expandable lore. A series that lands on all platforms.

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