Chinese LGBTQ Community Means Big Business for Mobile Game Devs

J Station X: The Chinese LGBTQ community could mean big business for mobile game developers as LGBTQ people have 'strong demand' for mobile games targeted towards them.

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Eonjay468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

You could say this about mobile and any group. Every group is targeted in some way or another. Its called marketing. In China, the potential to earn money off of mobile games must be staggering. There are also some Chinese mobile games out there that look fantastic.

Didn't really understand the context so I keep reading... it says:

"Zhu also notes that gay men enjoy video games with good-looking characters, as well as hobbies that include working out, fashion and having healthy lifestyles (a ‘touch of eroticism’ is also a selling point.) "

Thank almost describes every man okay... but the game still looks boring sorry!

Rob_Ko468d ago

what they can't play normal games? they need to have games targeted to them? Do we really need game where you change your sex? or wave rainbow flag? what the hell do you want?

FunAndGun468d ago

why do you care so much? It doesn't affect you. Obviously the game is not for you, so ignore and move on.

There are games targeted toward every member of society and not sure what you mean by "normal games"?

As gay man, I enjoy seeing gay characters in games, sorry if that offends you, but oh well.

Do we really need games where you decapitate people, or sexy dating sims?

Everyone on here always supports when a developer creates art how they want, why does the gay issue not get that same right? Just the other day everyone praised the robot butt and how the developer should be able to do what he wants, this is no different.

If it is ewww to you, move on to the next game.

Dixiedevil468d ago

Welcome to N4Gs SJW Agenda with Jasmine.