Soul Calibur IV - more content available

Namco has released the school uniform outfits for the male characters in Soul Calibur IV. The customization Equipment 4 will cost you 100 points.

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jay23619d ago

It takes the pee that a 1MB piece of code that just activates already in-coded content comes out and we're forced to pay for it.

vitz33618d ago

So is the way of DLC. Look at Pain for instance. The extra characters are somehow 100kb. I call bull.

Screw DLC, screw this game and screw this money grubbing dev.

DARKTRINITYxxx3618d ago

Well ure not really forced to buy it you have a mind to decide if you buy it or not. The sooner people dont buy content thats a scam money wise and is already on the disc the better these companys will get the message they can not getaway with these ripoffs. They do it because they know theres people out there that will pay for it. Im not against paying for DLC altogether but i draw the limit. SC4 DLC is a rip off so i choose not to buy it. Wheres the extra characters and golf course for the recent hot shots golf was a good price for the content so i brought it you got ure moneys worth imo.

Radiodread3618d ago

I'll pay for more characters not outfits that's rediculous.