The most overrated Xbox One games of 2016

2016 wasn't the best year for many people, though for the Xbox One, things were pretty fantastic. Even so, some Xbox One games was really overrated. So here´s my (Jason Gordon, TGG)) "The most overrated Xbox One games of 2016" list.

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Razzer583d ago

I don't think Stardew Valley is overrated at all. It is a great game. Sure...there is a lot of Harvest Moon in there, but not like the game pretends to be anything other than that. Don't think that should be on the list, frankly.

TGG_overlord583d ago

That one is Jason, and since I haven´t played "Stardew Valley". I can´t really say if it´s wrong or not. I guess that he meant that the game could have been something more unique?

season84582d ago

I don't think Stardew Valley is a bad game, but it's just not a unique game. TBH, it is one of my favorite games.

TGG_overlord582d ago

"Overrated" isn´t the same as "being" bad though, and I guess that´s what Jason meant.

Simon_the_sorcerer582d ago

Stardew Valley is anything but a bad game, but I have to admit that the game is somewhat overrated due to all the hype on the indie scene.

jrshankill582d ago

Dead Rising 4 is receiving a difficulty patch:

3 out of these 5 games are multiplat.

Stardew Valley is fun.

TGG_overlord582d ago

Ah, good thing that =) Thanks for pointing that out ;)

582d ago
Chaos_Order582d ago

I hate the term "overrated."

There isn't a single game on the face of the earth that will be loved by all gamers; that's just how it is. "Overrated" sounds like a way to undermine people who, god forbid, played a popular game and really enjoyed it.

obidanshinobi582d ago

Dead Rising 4 overrated ?
What, underrated more like, I'm loving it so far.
Slaying hordes of Zombies with the laser sword, essentially a red lightsaber, is awesome fun, feel like Vader at the end of Rogue One.

SH1ELD582d ago

Overhyped games are worse.